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Design of Eccentric Structure in Bearing Milling Machine Tool

by:JNSN     2021-10-25

In the segmented processing of the reducer housing, the first segment of the automatic line milling the large plane of the reducer cover and drilling and reaming process positioning pin holes, processing the bearing cover mounting surface and screw holes; the second segment of the automatic line is thick and half Two pairs of bearing holes and mounting holes for both ends of the shaft tube are finished; the second section of the automatic line is finished with two bearing holes for the differential assembly and the bearing hole for the driving bevel gear. The production rate of the whole line is 120 pieces/h.

First mill the bearing cap mounting surface, drill screw holes, rough, semi-finished, and fine wok bearing holes for driving bevel gears, drill ream positioning pin holes, and mill reducer mounting surfaces. The fine wok is equipped with two bearing holes of the differential assembly and two bearing holes of the driving bevel gear. The machine adopts a lifting stepping conveying device and an automatic loading and unloading device. The main feature of these two special stirring beds is that a vertical stirring head and a horizontal knurling head are used to stir the pair of vertically intersecting bearing holes in one clamping, which ensures the position accuracy of the two holes.

A unique eccentric mechanism is installed on the wok rod of the vertical pan head, which can be used for radial feed. Three blades are installed on the stirring rod, and the three bearing holes and inner end faces of the driving bevel gear on the same axis are cut in sequence. Bearing holes. After the hole is finely stirred, the workpiece is automatically pushed to the end, and after cleaning, it is sent to the assembly line.

The assembly automatic processing generation line completes the rough and fine hole, car end face, drilling, chamfering, tapping and other processes of the main reducer shell and bearing cover assembly. As the assembly parts are processed on this line, other parts of the process, such as the process base surface, the large flange plane and the two positioning pin holes, have been completed on the off-line equipment.

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