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Disassembly method of axle guide bearing of Beijing 130 type automobile

by:JNSN     2021-12-13
The transmission at the rear end of the crankshaft of the Beijing 130 automobile-the disassembly method after the shaft guide bearing is damaged: This bearing is a 6203 ball bearing, first remove the transmission, clutch and flywheel, and then use a screwdriver to pick out the rubber oil seal; if it is an iron oil seal , You can use a sharp shovel to pierce it and pick out a little bit. After clamping it with carp pliers, pull it out immediately.  Secondly, after removing the oil seal, put a large flat-head screwdriver on the bearing beads and tap the handle of the screwdriver with your hand to move the beads closer together. When all the beads are close together, the inner ring of the bearing can be taken out. Then use a crowbar against the inner side of the outer ring of the bearing, and use the flange of the crankshaft as a fulcrum to pry outwards. If the force is not enough, you can hit the power end of the crowbar with a hand hammer. Pry out until the outer ring is removed.   This method can be used with steam welding, electric welding and other tools, which has the advantages of saving time, labor, and simple operation.
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