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Disassembly method of rolling bearing

by:JNSN     2021-12-21

  Commonly used disassembly methods for rolling bearings are: percussion, pull-out, push, and thermal disassembly.

  1. Percussion method

  The percussion force is generally applied to the inner ring of the bearing, and the percussion force should not be applied to the rolling elements and cage of the bearing. This method is simple and easy to implement , But it is easy to damage the bearing. When the bearing is at the end of the shaft, use a copper rod or other soft metal material smaller than the inner diameter of the bearing to resist the end of the shaft. When applying this method, attention should be paid to the proper placement of the cushion block and the correct focus point.

  Second, pull-out method

   uses a special puller, when disassembling, as long as the handle is rotated, the bearing will be slowly pulled out. When removing the outer ring of the bearing, the corners of the two legs of the puller should be opened outward; when removing the inner ring of the bearing, the two legs of the puller should be inward and stuck on the end surface of the inner ring of the bearing.


  1. The hook of the puller should be hooked to the inner ring of the bearing, not to the outer ring, so as to avoid excessive loosening or damage of the bearing;

  2. When using a pull tool, make sure that the screw rod is aligned with the center hole of the shaft and not skewed. Also pay attention to the stress of the hook and the bearing, and do not damage the hook and the bearing;

  3. Pay attention to prevent the hook from slipping off;

  4, the angle of the two legs of the puller is less than 90 °.

  3. Pushing method

  Using a press to push the bearing, it works stably and reliably without damaging the machine and the bearing. The press has manual push, mechanical or hydraulic pressure.

   Note: The pressing point of the press should be on the center of the shaft, and it should not be biased.

  Four, hot disassembly method

   is used to disassemble tightly fitted bearings. First, pour the oil heated to about 100°C on the bearing to be dismantled with an oil can, and after the bearing ring is heated and expand, the bearing can be pulled out with a puller.


  1. First, install the puller on the bearing to be dismantled, and apply a certain pulling force;

  2, before heating, Wrap the shaft with asbestos rope or thin iron plate to prevent the shaft from expanding due to heat, otherwise it will be difficult to disassemble. When removing the bearing from the bearing housing hole, only the bearing housing hole can be heated, not the bearing;

  3. When pouring oil, pour the oil pot steadily on the bearing ring or rolling element, and place an oil basin under it to collect the hot oil that flows down to avoid waste and burns;

   4. The operator should wear asbestos gloves to prevent burns.

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