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Disassembly skills of imported bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-14
The disassembly of imported bearings should be carried out as carefully as during installation. Be careful not to damage the imported bearings and various parts, especially the disassembly of the interference fit imported bearings, which is difficult to operate. Therefore, in the design stage, it is important to consider the ease of disassembly in advance, and it is also very important to design and manufacture disassembly tools according to the needs. When disassembling, study the disassembly method and sequence according to the drawings, and investigate the matching conditions of the imported bearings to ensure that the disassembly operation is foolproof.  1. Disassembly of the outer ring    disassemble the outer ring of the interference fit. Set several screws for the outer ring extrusion screw on the circumference of the casing in advance, tighten the screw evenly on one side, and remove it at the same time. These screw holes are usually covered with blind plugs and separable imported bearings such as tapered roller bearings. Several cuts are set on the housing shoulders. Use spacers to remove them with a press or gently tap them to remove them.  2, the disassembly of the imported bearing with cylindrical bore   The disassembly of the inner ring can be pulled out by a press machine. At this time, pay attention to let the inner ring bear its pulling force.  The inner ring of the large imported bearing adopts oil pressure method. Oil pressure is applied through the oil hole provided on the shaft to make it easy to draw. Imported bearings with a large width are combined with a hydraulic method and a drawing fixture for disassembly operations.   NU type, NJ type cylindrical roller imported bearing inner ring can be disassembled by induction heating method. It is a method to heat the part in a short time to expand the inner ring and then pull it out.  3. Removal of imported bearings with tapered bore   Remove the relatively small imported bearings with adapter sleeves, support the inner ring with the stoppers fastened to the shaft, turn the nuts back several times, and use the spacers to knock them out with a hammer.  Large imported bearings are easier to disassemble by oil pressure. The oil is pumped through the oil holes on the tapered shaft to expand the inner ring and disassemble the imported bearings.
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