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Features and uses of crossed tapered roller bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-18
With the size of a single bearing, a cross roller bearing that has the same effect as the assembled tapered roller bearing can be used. Between the divided raceway ring and the integrated raceway ring, the orientation of the rolling elements (tapered rollers) are intertwined and arranged. Features ● Whether it is radial load, axial load, or moment load, all loads can be individually borne. ● The bearing device can be simplified, the surrounding parts can be reduced, and the purpose of lightening, integration, and reduction of assembly processes can be achieved. ● The length of the shaft that affects the preload of the bearing is limited to the width of the bearing, and the thermal expansion of the shaft can obtain a stable preload and achieve ultra-high machining accuracy. ● Since the rolling element adopts tapered rollers and has an operation center, it can rotate smoothly even under preload. ● In order to reduce friction between the roller and the roller, a gasket made of polyamide resin is installed in it (except XRGV type). The contact angle is about 45°. Installation examples of tapered roller bearings and crossed tapered roller bearings. Paired tapered roller bearings. Crossed tapered roller bearings have their own accuracy settings. Please refer to page 9. The XRN series is constructed, the inner ring is divided, and the outer ring is integrated. It is mainly suitable for situations where the outer ring rotation accuracy is important when the outer ring is spinning. On the other hand, the XRG series is mainly suitable for the inner ring to pay attention to the rotation accuracy of the inner ring during operation. XRN form XRG (XRGV) form. Main applications ● Workbenches for machining centers, vertical grinders, etc. ● Work spindles for lathes, grinders, etc. ● Indexing mechanisms for large milling machines, large drilling machines, etc. ● Slewing mechanisms for parabolic antennas, etc. Bearing type code XRN: XRN series inner ring split type XRG: XRG series outer ring split type XRGV: XRG series outer ring split type crossed tapered roller bearing XRN XRG bearing model composition 300 XRN 40 inner diameter size (mm) without gasket 1 : 200XRN282: 250XRN33 / 250XRN353: 300XRN40 / 310XRN42 4: 350XRN47 5: 0330XRN045 6: 375XRN49 7: 0457XRN060 8: 400XRN55 9: 580XRN76 10: 0685XRN091 11: 0901XRN112 12: 950XRN117 axial displacement [mm].
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