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Floating displacement bearing for electric spindle

by:JNSN     2021-12-21
Floating displacement bearing (FD) is the ideal floating bearing solution when the ultimate operating speed is to be reached but the required load capacity is not the decisive factor. FD bearings can reach the speed of high-speed angular contact ball bearings, which is twice the speed of ordinary cylindrical roller bearings. Therefore, it is especially suitable for electric spindles. This kind of bearing is composed of the outer ring of a ball bearing and the inner ring of a cylindrical roller bearing. Ceramic balls are standard rolling elements. This design ensures that the inner ring can float freely relative to the outer ring during operation. The inner ring is made of Cronidur 30 high-performance bearing steel, which has a higher allowable Hertz contact stress than ordinary bearing steel. The contact between Cronidur 30 and ceramic balls ensures that the inner ring and rolling elements have sufficient load-bearing capacity. During the assembly process, the bearing clearance must be set according to the operating conditions. The Schaeffler Group Industrial Application Technology Department provides consultation on simulating actual operating conditions. FD bearings have the same dimensions as B70.. series bearings or N10 series cylindrical roller bearings, and their sufficient load-bearing capacity and high speed capability provide designers with a new floating bearing arrangement design. FD bearings can be used in existing structures with lower rated load and can easily increase the allowable speed. Provide floating displacement bearings and spindle bearings with seals on both sides (2RSD) or direct lubrication for oil and gas lubrication. Similar to super-precision cylindrical roller bearings, FD bearings also have a tapered bore inner ring (K) type. It also provides FD bearings with radial clearance matching the bearing bore (T64), which simplifies the arrangement of the bearings on the shaft and allows multiple bearings to be installed side by side in groups. Floating displacement bearing suffix code FD 10 10 -T-P4S FD 10 10 -T-P4S-R10-15 FD 10 10-K -T-P4S FD 10 10 -DLR-T-P4S FD 10 10-2RSD-T- P4S Bearing type FD Floating displacement bearing Cronidur material inner ring ceramic ball size series 10 Medium load series bore diameter reference code 00 10 mm 01 12 mm 02 15 mm 03 17 mm 04 4 · 5 u003d 20 mm 05 5 · 5 u003d 25 mm External form-DLR direct lubrication. Direct radial lubricating oil hole with integrated O-ring. The radial clearance of a single bearing can be selected freely in the μm clearance section. Please refer to the bearing data sheet for standard radial clearance. Accuracy P4S is based on DIN 620 Standard, higher than P4 grade cage T Plastic fiber cage outer ring guide inner ring with tapered hole K inner ring with tapered hole (taper 1:12) seal -2RSD sealed at both ends and filled with L075 grease; sealed Add a point () to the bearing table to indicate the design
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