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Four characteristics of special sealed and clean bearings for gearboxes

by:JNSN     2021-12-13
The developed seal and clean bearing for gearboxes is a bearing with a special sealing ring, which can prevent foreign matter in the gearbox from entering and greatly improve the fatigue life of the bearing. In the actual gearbox durability test, this type of bearing has been proved to have a durability life of 6-10 times that of standard ball bearings. The special sealing ring prevents the intrusion of harmful tiny foreign matter floating in the gear oil of the gear box, greatly reducing the raceway indentation caused by foreign matter intrusion. For this reason, the bearing fatigue characteristic curve is replaced from the surface fatigue characteristic curve to the internal fatigue characteristic curve based on the original fatigue life of the bearing to extend the life of the bearing. Moreover, in view of the recent trend of gear oil viscosity reduction, it is not affected much, and it is superior to open type bearings. Such gearbox special bearings are commonly called TM ball bearings. They have the following four characteristics: (1) Adopt design standards that can meet the requirements of gearbox special bearings; (2) In order to assist initial lubrication, they are filled with gear oil that has affinity (3) The seal lip structure that prevents foreign matter from intruding but allows lubricating oil to flow in (Figure 16); (4) The friction torque is lower than that of conventional contact seal ring bearings. In addition, this type of TM ball bearing has been serialized (see Table 17), which has the same nominal size as the 62 and 63 series open bearings currently in use and can be replaced.
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