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Four points for correct force application when assembling and disassembling bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-10
(1) The resultant force of the applied force passes through the axis of the bearing as much as possible, which requires the application point to be uniform, symmetrical and stable, applying force through a spherical surface or parallel to the axis. (2) The applied force should be stable and uniform, and no impact should be applied. This requires the use of oil pressure or tools that can apply a smooth pull or pressure. The non-falling metal is buffered, and the percussive force is as gentle as possible. It is best to use a copper rod or copper hammer for hammering. (3) Avoid applying force through the rolling elements, which requires applying force through the inner ring when assembling and disassembling the inner ring (shaft ring), and applying force through the outer ring when assembling and disassembling the outer ring. (4) The drag force should be continued to the extent it should be. For example, when the bearing is installed, the force should be stopped when the bearing is just installed in the correct position to ensure that the end surface of the ring (washer) is against the end surface of the seat hole or the shoulder of the shaft. It cannot be squeezed too tightly, nor can it be installed incorrectly.
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