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High-speed precision angular contact ball bearing installation method

by:JNSN     2021-12-10

High-speed precision angular contact ball bearings are mainly used in high-speed rotating occasions with light load. The bearings require high precision, high speed, low temperature rise and low vibration and a certain service life. It is often used as the supporting parts of high-speed electric spindle to be installed in pairs. It is a key accessory for high-speed electric spindle of inner surface grinder.

Main technical indicators:

1. Bearing accuracy indicators: exceeding GB/307.1-94P4 accuracy

2. High-speed performance indicators: dmN value 1.3~1.8 x106/min

3. Service life (average):>1500h

The service life of high-speed precision angular contact ball bearings has a lot to do with installation. The following matters should be noted:

1. The bearing installation should be carried out in a dust-free and clean room. The bearing should be carefully selected and the bearing spacer should be ground. The spacer should be parallel to each other while keeping the same height of the inner and outer ring spacers. It should be controlled below 1um;

2. The bearing should be cleaned before installation. When cleaning, the inner ring slopes upwards, the hand feels flexible, and there is no sense of stagnation. After drying, put in the specified amount of grease, if it is Oil mist lubrication should be put into a small amount of oil mist oil;

3. Bearings should be installed with special tools, with uniform force, and no knocking;

4. Bearings should be stored clean and ventilated. No corrosive gas, relative humidity does not exceed 65%, long-term storage should be regularly rust-proof.

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