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How to install cylindrical bore bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-23
The method of mounting and dismounting the bearing should be determined according to the structure, size, and mating nature of the bearing components. The pressure for installation and disassembly should be directly applied to the end face of the tightly-fitted retaining ring, and the pressure cannot be transmitted through the rolling elements, because this will cause indentation on the working surface of the bearing, affect the normal operation of the bearing, and even damage the bearing. The bearing cage, sealing ring, dust cover and other parts are easily deformed, and the pressure for installing or disassembling the bearing cannot be added to these parts. (1) The inner ring of the bearing and the shaft are tightly fit, and the outer ring and the shell are loosely fit. The bearing can be press-fitted on the bearing by a press, and then the shaft and the bearing are loaded into the casing. An assembly sleeve made of soft metal material (copper or soft steel pipe) is cushioned on the end face of the bearing. The inner diameter of the assembly sleeve should be slightly larger than the journal diameter, and the outer diameter should be smaller than the rib diameter of the bearing inner diameter to avoid pressing on the cage. A handle can be added to the sleeve when installing a large number of shafts {TodayHot}. When the bearing is installed, the center line of the bearing hole and the shaft should be coincident. The skew of the bearing relative to the shaft is not only difficult to install, but also causes indentation, bending of the journal and even fracture of the inner ring of the bearing. Where the press is missing or cannot be used, the bearing can be installed with an assembly sleeve and a small hammer. The hammering force should be evenly transmitted to the entire circumference of the end face of the bearing ring, so the hammered end face of the assembly casing should be made into a spherical shape. (2) The outer ring of the bearing has a tight fit with the housing hole, and the inner ring and the shaft have a loose fit. The bearing can be pressed into the housing first. At this time, the outer diameter of the assembly sleeve should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the housing hole. (3) The inner ring of the bearing and the shaft, the outer ring and the housing hole are tightly fitted. The end face of the assembly sleeve should be made into a ring that can simultaneously compress the end face of the inner and outer ring of the bearing, or a disc and assembly sleeve are used to make The pressure is transmitted to the inner and outer rings at the same time, pressing the bearing into the shaft and the housing. This installation method is particularly suitable for the installation of self-aligning radial spherical bearings. (4) Heating installation, the force required to install the bearing is related to the size of the bearing and the size of the matching interference. For medium and large bearings with large interference, the method of hot mounting is commonly used. Put the bearing or the separable bearing ring into the oil tank or special heater and heat it evenly to 80~100℃ (not exceeding 100℃) before hot assembly. Hot-loading of bearings requires skilled operation skills. When the bearing is taken out of the heating oil tank or the heater, immediately wipe off the oil stains and attachments on the bearing surface with a clean cloth (not cotton yarn), and then place it in front of the mating surface, and push the bearing in one operation To the position to withstand the shoulder of the shaft. Always push tightly during the cooling process, or use a small hammer to tap the bearing through the assembly sleeve to make it tight. Rotate the bearing slightly during installation to prevent the installation from tilting or jamming. When the outer ring of the bearing and the housing hole are tightly fitted, the housing can also be heated and installed into the bearing. Especially when the bearing seat made of light metal is tightly fitted, its mating surface may be damaged due to the pressing in of the outer ring of the bearing. At this time, the bearing seat should be heated.
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