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How to install low noise bearings?

by:JNSN     2021-12-17

The installation and adjustment of low-noise bearings can also imitate the grouping method of long-life bearings, so that the fit interference is more consistent, and the clearance of the bearing is also more consistent, and it is hoped that the fit interference will be smaller within the possible range. , In order to ensure that the deformation of the bearing raceway is small, so that the noise caused by the passing of the rolling elements is reduced.

  The clearance has a great relationship with noise. The ideal state is when the bearing is in the highest temperature state of operation, the clearance value is just zero. The method of judging the excessive clearance is as follows: the shaft makes axial displacement in the static state, and its reciprocating amplitude is relatively large, and it emits large and heavy noise during operation.

   If there is an unpleasant screaming noise during operation, it means that the preload of the bearing is too large, and the bearing has a too large pre-interference, so the preload should be slightly relaxed. If the clearance is too large, the two bearing rings can be slightly offset relative to each other in the axial direction: the clearance is reduced, the axial rigidity is increased, and the bearing noise can be reduced.

  When the rolling elements enter the no-load zone, they will slip or move left and right. This will increase noise and cause wear. Small clearance and large axial stiffness can eliminate this phenomenon. But the clearance cannot be too small, so as not to cause excessive temperature and shorten the life.

   Sometimes due to the large operating temperature range of the main engine, or the large dispersion of the size of the shaft and the seat hole, it is impossible to obtain a more appropriate clearance in one adjustment. In this case, the bearing can be adjusted. The outer ring adopts elastic constant pressure pre-tightening method.

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