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How to install SKF imported bearings for lathes

by:JNSN     2021-11-05

How to install SKF imported bearings for lathes? An engineer from Shanghai Axion Trading Co., Ltd. will answer for you. The method of installing SKF bearings on lathes is as follows:

First of all, the selection and requirements of the installation location: the installation location should be a distance from the lathe, grinder and other rigid configurations. The location should be cleaned up, and it should be noted that iron filings, sand, dust and moisture must not enter the bearing.

Secondly, check the SKF imported bearings, test the bearing type, check whether the bearing type and size can meet the installation requirements, and then prepare the relevant installation tools and measuring tools, such as copper rods, sleeves, Installation tools such as special backing plates, screw mosquito clamps, presses, etc. are equipped with vernier calipers, micrometers, micrometers, etc.

Finally, check the surface of the SKF bearing device: Don’t forget to test the bearing surface during installation. Its main job is to see whether the bearing surface is damaged, whether corrosion and impurities have entered the bearing. When these situations occur, they must be dealt with with the correct treatment method. At the same time, the journal, bearing housing housing hole surface and shoulder end face must be carefully tested before installation, as well as connecting parts such as bushings. , Gaskets, end caps and other mating surfaces should also be carefully tested.

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