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How to install the guide wheel and bearing for wire cutting

by:JNSN     2021-10-28
Guide wheels and guide wheel bearings are the key parts of wire cutting machine tools. Good precision, good finish and high efficiency all rely on a pair of balanced, light and precise guide wheels. Therefore, whether the guide wheel bearing is installed correctly and reasonably has a great influence on the wire cutting.

  Before installation, guide wheels and bearings, bearing seats, plugs and caps should be carefully cleaned in clean kerosene. While keeping the installation tools and hands clean, first coat the bearings and bearing seats with low temperature Grease, and then press the bearing and the guide wheel respectively, tighten the spare mothers at both ends of the guide wheel with appropriate torque, tighten the screw plug, clean the installation hole on the wire frame, and then clean the installed guide wheel and guide wheel. The wheel seat is pressed in.

 Make sure that the caps at both ends can freely adjust the position of the guide wheel (this is very important, it shows the working state of the bearing), and then tighten the top wire (not vigorously, in order to limit the bearing It is advisable to move the seat). In the whole process, there is no part that needs to be knocked to install, and all the phenomena that cannot be installed without knocking are wrong. To keep the guide wheel running smoothly and freely, there is always grease filling the operating space of the bearing. Pay attention to the clean and effective insulation of the guide wheel sleeve, and ensure that the guide wheel runs flexibly and freely. There should be no jams and periodic tightness. These are the necessary conditions for the guide wheels and bearings to run smoothly for a long time.

   Pay attention to the installation of guide wheels and bearings. People often feel inaccurate and feel that the force is not strong enough. This is a common problem for many people.

   Be more careful in the process of installing wire-cut guide wheel bearings, and you should not be taken lightly when choosing them. Many guide wheel bearings on the market have built-in radial runout of inner and outer rings, axial clearance, and wear resistance of beads and ballistics that do not meet the requirements. So be sure to choose an honest and reliable brand, even if something goes wrong, it will be guaranteed.

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