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How to keep rolling bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-21
Rolling bearings are coated with an appropriate amount of anti-rust oil and packed with anti-rust paper when they leave the factory. As long as the packaging is not damaged, the quality of the motor bearings will be guaranteed. When the bearing is stored for a long time, it is advisable to store it on a shelf 30cm above the ground under the condition that the humidity is lower than 65% and the temperature is about 20℃. In addition, the storage place should avoid direct sunlight or cold walls. After long-term storage of a bearing with a sealing ring, the characteristics of the grease in the bearing will be affected. Bearings taken out of the original packaging should be properly protected to prevent corrosion and contamination. Large rolling bearings are placed in a horizontal (vertical to the axis) position, and the entire side of the bearing ring should be supported. If the bearing is placed in a vertical position, the thickness of the bearing ring is relatively small, and the weight of the bearing ring and rolling elements may cause permanent deformation of the bearing. Small bearings cannot be taken out of the box and placed in drawers, open shelves and cabinets because they may be contaminated by dirt, dust, etc. When using a new bearing, it is not necessary to remove the dust-proof grease applied to the bearing at the factory. Although the grease applied at the factory has very little lubricating ability, it does not damage the newly applied grease on the bearing. All tools should be clean and in good condition. Both the workbench and the assembly work area should be clean. Assembly work cannot be carried out in the welding area or near the machine, because welding debris or dust may enter the bearing. Bearing installation and maintenance play a positive role in the use of bearings, in order to give full play to the bearing performance, reduce unnecessary downtime losses, and ensure the smooth and safe operation of the equipment. Precautions for installation and maintenance of bearing 1) Keep the bearing and its surroundings clean 2) Carefully use it carefully. If the bearing is used carelessly and strongly impacted, the bearing will appear cracks, indentations, fractures and other damages. 3) Use appropriate tools. 4) Pay attention to the rust prevention of the bearing and avoid using it in a damp place. In order to prevent sweat from being stained, you should wear gloves. 5) Users should be familiar with bearings. 6) Formulate operating specifications for bearing use·Storage of bearings·Cleaning of bearings and surrounding areas·Inspection of dimensions and processing quality of installation parts·Installation operations·Disassembly operations·Maintenance (regular inspection)· Lubricant supplement.
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