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How to repair lubricated bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-12

How to repair lubricated bearings: Lubricants inside lubricated bearings can be roughly divided into two types: oil and grease.

Repair method: Preparation: dry towel, sharp pliers, bearing cleaning night, bearing lubricating oil or lubricating grease.

1. Drying: Take the bearing out of the cleaning fluid, wipe off the cleaning fluid with a dry towel, and then dry it in a cool place.

2. Bearing cleaning fluid: soak the bearing in the bearing cleaning fluid bought on the market and shake it. At this time, the foreign matter inside the bearing will be shaken out. Some stores buy ultrasonic cleaners. It is also very helpful for removing foreign objects. 3. Inject lubricant. According to the trend, inject grease or oil into the bearing, cover the protective cover and reinstall the C-shaped ring. 4. Remove the C-shaped ring and shield: Wipe off the dirt on the outside of the bearing with a dry towel, then use sharp pliers to lift one side of the C-shaped ring, and remove the C-shaped ring and the shield. 5. Inspection: After the bearing has been assembled into the original state, grasp the inner ring with your fingers and rotate it several times. Other methods: 1. Improve gear accuracy. 2. Increase resistance and choose lubricating oil with high viscosity. 3. Adjust the gap. 4. Grind gears to improve meshing accuracy.

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