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How to simply replace the vibration motor bearing

by:JNSN     2021-12-23

Steps to replace the bearings of the vibrating motor

There are two main types of vibrating motors used in the vibrating screen. Vertical vibrating motors are mainly used in rotary vibrating screens, and horizontal vibrating motors can be used in various vibrations. In the screening equipment, the vibrating motor is the most important source of excitation for the vibrating screen, and its important position can be imagined. The vibration motor uses heavy-duty bearings, which can carry a certain axial load. Regardless of the installation direction, the bearing life is not affected by the axial load force. 1. Disassemble the bearing (1) Remove the protective cover at both ends of the vibration motor (vertical vibration motor has no protective cover), and record the percentage value of the excitation force when the eccentric block is working, so that it can be restored to the original working state during installation; (2) ) Remove the shaft retaining rings at the two shaft ends; (3) Loosen the fastening bolts of the outer eccentric block, remove the outer eccentric block, and remove the shaft key if there is a shaft key. Loosen the fastening bolts of the inner eccentric block, and remove the inner eccentric block; (4) Remove the bearing seat compression bolts, screw in the bearing seat removal screw holes with suitable bolts, and eject the bearing seat from the casing; (5) ) Remove the bearing gland from the bearing housing, and press out the bearing from the bearing housing or use suitable bolts to push it out; (6) If the bearing is a cylindrical roller bearing with a separable inner and outer sleeve, the inner sleeve of the bearing should be removed from the bearing housing. Remove the shaft and put it into the original bearing casing; (7) Thoroughly clean the oil stains of all parts. 2. Install the bearing. When replacing the vibration motor with a new bearing, you must use the same bearing as the original model. (1) Wash the bearing with kerosene, press it into the bearing seat, fill the rollers of the outer ring of the bearing with Shell No. 3 lithium base grease to two-thirds full, apply it evenly with clean hands, install the bearing gland, and use The tightening bolts of the bolt anti-loosening glue compress the bearing gland; (2) The bearing is a cylindrical roller bearing with a separable inner and outer jacket, and the bearing should be sleeved on the rotating shaft and in place; (3) Install the bearing seat in the housing If there is a grease filling hole, it must be aligned with the position. Tighten the bearing seat with fastening bolts coated with bolt anti-loosening glue; (4) Install the inner and outer eccentric blocks on the shaft and place them in place. If there is a shaft key, install the shaft key in the keyway and then install the outer eccentric block. The retaining ring is installed on the rotating shaft; (5) Tighten the fastening bolts of the eccentric block, turn the adjustable eccentric block to the angular position before removal and tighten the fastening bolts. After the above assembly is completed, the shaft should have a certain axial series movement; (6) The protective covers at both ends of the upper vibration motor are fastened with screws.

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