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Hydraulic installation and disassembly of high-precision bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-14
High-precision bearing hydraulic installation and removal hydraulic tools can provide a lot of pressure. Therefore, it is very suitable for the installation and disassembly of large bearings or parts with tapered holes. Hydraulic nuts are used for bearing installation. Pressure can be generated by oil injector, hand pump or hydraulic unit. Manual pumps with pressure gauges include single-stage pumps or two-stage pumps. The single-stage pump manual pump PUMP1000-0,7L has an oil storage tank with a capacity of 0.7 l, as shown in Figure 10. The maximum oil pressure is 1000 bar, please refer to the table. It can be equipped with a digital pressure gauge as an accessory. Two-stage pump When the pressure is up to 50 bar, the two-stage pump has a high oil rate and automatically converts to a high-pressure stage, see Figure 11 and table. This can achieve high work efficiency. When a larger oil volume is required, an 8-l oil storage two-stage pump (suffix 8L) is provided. For the installation of bearings with adapter sleeves or withdrawing sleeves that require separate oil supply, we provide dual oil circuit hydraulic pumps (suffix D). The hydraulic pressure of 1000 bar includes a quick coupling and a digital pressure gauge is available. Hydraulic Nut The hydraulic nut HYDNUT is used to press-fit components with tapered holes onto the tapered shaft, see Figure 12 and table. It is mainly used in occasions where the mechanical installation force is insufficient, such as lock nuts and thrust bolts. The use of hydraulic nuts can be used to complete the operation accurately, safely and conveniently. The main applications are as follows: ■ Installation and disassembly of rolling bearings with tapered bores. The bearing can be installed directly on the tapered shaft, or on the adapter sleeve and withdrawal sleeve. Hydraulic nuts can also be used to remove adapter sleeves or withdrawal sleeves. ■ Install and remove components such as couplings, gears and ship propellers.
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