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Hydraulic installation and disassembly of rolling bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-26
Features Hydraulic tools are suitable for occasions with high drawing force. These tools are especially suitable for the installation and disassembly of large bearings and parts on tapered shafts. The hydraulic nut is used as an installation tool. Generate pressure by using an oil injector, hand pump or other pressure device. Software installation manager The software installation manager can help users install bearings correctly and provide the following functions: Provides various mechanical and hydraulic installation methods. Calculate the data required for installation such as the reduction in radial clearance, the amount of axial displacement and the initial pressure when the bearing is installed. Provide reasonable and optimized installation suggestions. Provide a list of necessary tools and accessories. The software contains various detailed samples, technical information materials and multimedia learning systems. Installation method The tapered bore bearing is directly installed on the tapered shaft, or installed on the cylindrical shaft through an adapter sleeve and a withdrawal sleeve. Then the traditional feeler gauge measurement method can be used to detect the radial clearance of the bearing, or the radial clearance can be controlled by the axial displacement. Install the tapered bore bearing by measuring the axial displacement. Place the bearing at the starting position on the tapered bearing seat through the hydraulic nut. The initial force of the hydraulic nut needs to be accurately set by the pressure gauge on the hydraulic hand pump PUMP1000-4L-CONTROL. A certain amount of hydraulic oil is required to achieve a specific axial displacement. This can be done by setting the number of presses. The number of pressings can be read from the counter of the hand pump. The advantages of this installation method are as follows: more convenient installation, high safety and accuracy, precise installation of sealed bearings. Measurement of the reduction in radial clearance When the bearing is installed on the tapered shaft or sleeve, the inner ring of the bearing expands and the radial clearance will decrease accordingly. The reduction in radial clearance is a manifestation of the tight fit of the bearing. Use a feeler gauge to measure. Hydraulic nut Hydraulic nut HYDNUT, please refer to the table, is suitable for installing bearings with tapered holes on tapered shafts or tapered sleeves. It is mainly used in occasions where the mechanical installation force is insufficient, such as lock nuts and thrust screws. The use of hydraulic nuts can complete the operation accurately, safely and conveniently. The main scope of application is as follows: Installation and disassembly of tapered bore bearings. Install the bearing directly on the tapered shaft, adapter sleeve or withdrawal sleeve. Hydraulic nuts can also be used for the disassembly of transition joints and withdrawal sleeves. Used for installation and disassembly of parts such as marine couplings, gears and propellers. The pressure device hydraulic device can be compatible with various designs: from oil injectors, hand pumps, to high-pressure oil pumps. The oil injector has a small capacity, please refer to the table for details. It is mainly used to disassemble rolling bearings and other tight-fitting parts directly installed on the tapered shaft. The general O-rings can be replaced: OR6~1.5 (for INJECT2500), OR10~2.0 (for INJECT1600). The one-way valve connector can make the oil filling device convenient and safe. Set order example The oil injector has a maximum oil pressure of 2 500 bar and the check valve joint order code INJECT2500-SET. The oil injector and check valve joint can also be sold separately. Hand pumps There are single-stage hydraulic pumps and two-stage hydraulic pumps equipped with pressure gauges. The single-stage hydraulic pump manual pump PUMP1000-0.7L has an oil storage tank with a capacity of 0.7 l. The maximum oil pressure is 1 000 bar, please refer to the table for details. Digital pressure gauge can be provided as an accessory. Single-stage hydraulic pump Two-stage hydraulic pump Two-stage hydraulic pump, please refer to the table, after the oil supply pressure reaches 50 bar, it will automatically switch to the high-pressure stage. This can achieve high work efficiency. When more oil is needed, a two-stage hydraulic pump (suffix 8L) with an oil storage capacity of 8 l can be provided. When installing bearings with adapter sleeves and withdrawal sleeves, if the two circuits need to be supplied with oil separately, a dual oil circuit hydraulic pump (suffix D) can be provided. A hydraulic pump with a hydraulic pressure of 1 000 bar and a connection head, as well as a digital pressure gauge are available as accessories. As a hydraulic pump, the lifting distance manual pump PUMP1000-4L-CONTROL is especially suitable for the operation of using hydraulic nuts to install the rolling bearing on the cone seat, Figure 1. First, the bearing is smoothly pushed to the initial position on the cone seat. Then screw a suitable hydraulic nut on the shaft and connect the hand pump. Then operate the hand pump until it reaches the initial position of the installation. Then continue to operate the manual pump bearing to the final position where it needs to be installed. The manual of the hand pump PUMP1000-4L-CONTROL contains the number of depressing times required for a row of bearings to reach a predetermined advancing distance. The software installation manager can calculate the required advancing distance. High-pressure oil pump The high-pressure oil pump, please refer to the table, is suitable for the installation and disassembly of rolling bearings with an inner diameter of up to 250 mm. In view of the high oil pressure, hydraulic pumps are suitable for hydraulic installation and removal of heavy-duty couplings and gears. The high-pressure oil pump can be connected directly or through thick-walled joints. The hydraulic pump can also be connected to a 2 m long flexible high-pressure oil pipe through a transition distributor. This oil pressure cannot exceed 2 500 bar. Generally, the hydraulic pump must have a pressure gauge when it is working. Mobile hydraulic unit The mobile hydraulic unit, Figure 2, is used for the installation and disassembly of the tapered roller bearing unit, also known as the TAROL unit. This unit is used as a wheel set bearing for railway vehicles such as freight cars and passenger cars. The mobile pressing device is driven by an electric pump with a two-way control valve (pressure 700kN, stroke 215mm). The height of this pressure column can be adjusted. The guide sleeve, mounting sleeve, guide pressing shaft and disassembly device need to be customized according to the specific application (TOOL-RAILWAY-AXLE) when ordering. When inquiring and ordering, the bearing model and power supply configuration and installation drawing (should include shaft, axle box and surrounding structure) must be provided.
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