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Joint bearings and pantograph bearings for rail transit couplers

by:JNSN     2021-12-14
The function of rail transit couplers is to realize the coupling and transmission of traction between locomotives and freight cars and freight cars and freight cars. Some special designs, such as the closed coupler, not only transmit traction, but also bear the compression force and weight, such as the closed coupler used in the SGGRSS intermodal truck. According to UIC577 or EN12663 standards, the load transmitted by the coupler reaches 2 000 kN. ELGES joint bearings have more than 30 years of application experience in this field. The steel/steel contact articulated bearing model that required maintenance was first used, but now, maintenance-free articulated bearings with strong load-bearing capacity, long life, and ELGOGLIDE® sliding layer are widely used. This long-term development is to achieve the needs of vehicle operators to reduce vehicle maintenance costs and parking time. The pantograph transmits the electrical energy in the power grid to the electrical equipment of the vehicle. Under various working conditions, the pantograph must work reliably. The actual working conditions are very complicated, for example, the operating speed is very high, exceeding 500 km/h; the working temperature is lower than 40 °C, and the parts are directly exposed to such climatic conditions without any protection. The bearings provided by Schaeffler Group have low friction, stable operation, compact design, and at the same time can achieve the necessary rigidity and degree of freedom. After many years of practical application, there are no bad problems. Suffix description: Two angular contact ball bearings with DB O configuration, zero clearance. Two angular contact ball bearings with DF X configuration, zero clearance. DT Two deep groove ball bearings arranged in tandem, with zero clearance PP Lip seals on both sides PR Three-stage seals on both sides, including plastic thrust plane washers with integral sealing lips 2RSR Lip seals on both sides ZW double row If required, other designs can be provided.
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