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JTEKT JTEKT Large Bearing Technology Development Center was established and put into operation

by:JNSN     2021-11-04
In order to analyze and evaluate large-scale bearings used in the industrial machinery field, JTEKT established a 'large-scale bearing technology development center' and put it into operation.

JTEKT not only solves technical problems for customers, but also uses accumulated knowledge and experience to further increase the added value of products and develop its business as a global system supplier.

As for the large bearings used in the field of industrial machinery, so far, most of them have been analyzed on paper, and after basic evaluation, they have been evaluated by customers through trial operation on the actual machine. As a result, some unexpected problems often occur, leading to an extension of the development cycle.

Super large bearing evaluation testing machine

this time The 'Large Bearing Technology Development Center' put into operation introduced the following two test machines, which can simulate the use environment of the actual machine to evaluate the bearings.

(1) Super-large bearing evaluation testing machine

Integrated evaluation of super-large bearings and shells used in the main shaft of wind turbines of 3~5MW (megawatt) level.

(2) Bearing testing machine for high-speed railway vehicles

Simulate the centrifugal phenomenon of the curve and the impact load of the part in contact with the rail to evaluate the axle bearings of railway vehicles.

The data accumulated in these test machines will be used to improve the accuracy of CAE analysis (simulation analysis), so as to greatly reduce the product development cycle and be more conducive to the development of high value-added products.

In addition, the bearing evaluation testing machine for steel production equipment is scheduled to be introduced in October 2014.

JTEKT has positioned the field of industrial machinery as a key field for future market growth, and strives to strengthen its career development in this field. The establishment of a large-scale bearing technology development center is also part of it. Led by this center, JTEKT will further strengthen the development of bearing products for industrial machinery.

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