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Launched X-life series of ultra-long life spindle bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-16
X-life ultra-long life bearings are designed for working conditions with extremely high speed and load requirements. The ring material of this bearing is Cronidur 30, a high-nitrogen stainless steel. Compared with the traditional rolling bearing steel 100Cr6, Cronidur 30 has a better metallographic structure, which can ensure lower operating temperature and higher contact stress. The test value of material fatigue life far exceeds the calculated value, and it can be considered that the bearing is absolutely reliable in practical applications. In the case of mixed friction, the fatigue limit of this bearing steel is 10 times higher than that of the standard bearing steel 100Cr6. The Hertzian stress, corrosion resistance and thermal hardness of this bearing steel are also significantly better than ordinary rolling bearing steel. Compared with ordinary bearings, X-life ultra bearings have a longer service life, thereby reducing system costs. In principle, all spindle bearings provide corresponding X-life ultra products. To give full play to the good performance of X-life ultra bearings, the surrounding structure of the bearing must be properly designed. In addition to selecting materials and lubricants when using spindle bearings with TX cages, the amount of lubricant and the supply of lubricant can also reduce the friction in the bearing, especially for high-speed working conditions. This feature is manifested in the new product of spindle bearing with TX cage as the temperature rise of the bearing is greatly reduced. This new internal design is based on the fact that the contact point of the cage is extremely important for increasing the speed. Improved cage design and lubricant flow reduce the temperature rise of TX spindle bearings by 10% during high-speed operation. At the same time, this new bearing series may increase the speed by up to 10% under the same boundary conditions, the working reliability of the bearing will increase, and the machine downtime and system cost will also be reduced. The advantages of the new cage design are very obvious. This TX cage has been applied to spindle bearings, making it an optional spindle bearing.
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