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Light contact sealed ball bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-10
With the miniaturization and low torque of rotating machinery and equipment, the bearing model used for it also puts forward the requirements of high sealing and reducing torque. The DDW sealed bearing meets this requirement. Compared with the standard contact seal type DDU bearing, it has the following features: (1) The interference between the main sealing lip of the sealing ring and the inner ring is small, and the main sealing lip is slender, the pressure of the sealing lip is reduced, and the torque is reduced. (2) And the main sealing lip is in contact with the outer slope of the inner ring sealing groove, and the grease splashes outward under the action of centrifugal force, so the dustproof performance is excellent. Since the main sealing lip contacts the outer inclined surface of the inner ring seal groove, the internal pressure of the bearing is not easy to escape from the main sealing lip, so it is not easy to cause the leakage of internal pressure and the accompanying grease leakage. Currently, there are bearings with an inner diameter of 10-50mm. If you need a larger size bearing, please contact us. The VV standard color of DDW nitrile rubber seals is green, which is easy to distinguish from black non-contact seals and brown DDU standard seals. Figure 14 is a schematic diagram of a DDW sealed bearing, and Figure 15 is an example of evaluation results. Test bearing: 4 sets of 6203 grease: 45% of the filling space volume of the lithium ester grease Load: 147 N{15kgf} Ambient temperature: 100 °C Dust amount: 200 g/time from testing machine to seizure over 50 h.
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