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Load and speed of C series single row deep groove ball bearing

by:JNSN     2021-12-18
The coefficient f0 of the deep groove ball bearing is the equivalent static load of the bearing and the equivalent static load P0 is applicable to the working condition where the bearing is subjected to both radial and axial static loads. In fact, the load generated at the center of the maximum load contact point of the contact surface of the rolling element and the raceway is the same as under the combined load. For bearings subjected to static load, the following formula is used: load ratio and equivalent static load F0a N bearing axial static load F0r N bearing radial static load P0 N bearing equivalent static load under combined load. Axial load capacity deep groove ball bearings are also suitable for bearing axial loads. If the bearing is running at high speed while under heavy load, it is necessary to consider the reduction in bearing life due to increased friction and temperature rise. Minimum radial load In order to avoid slipping when the bearing is running, the bearing must bear a minimum radial load. This is especially important for high speed and high acceleration conditions. Under continuous operating conditions, the minimum radial load for ball bearings with cages must meet P/Cr 0.01. The speed limit speed nG indicates that the bearing can be used safely below this speed. In the case of improving the geometric accuracy of the bearing, under certain special working conditions, the limit speed nG can be exceeded. The following important influencing factors: ■ Cage design ■ Cage material ■ Lubricant ■ Lubrication method ■ Internal clearance ■ Processing of bearing mating surface ■ Bearing load ■ Heat dissipation. If there is an application that exceeds the limit speed nG, we recommend that you consult a Schaeffler application engineer to determine whether the application conditions of the bearing can meet the high speed requirements. The installation dimension table gives the maximum value of the chamfering radius ra of the adjacent structure and the limit value of the adjacent shoulder Da and da. The D2 and d2 values u200bu200bof C series bearings may be different from the standard bearings in the HR 1 catalog. The main dimensions of precision standard single row deep groove ball bearings comply with DIN 625-1 (ISO 15). Dimensions and geometric tolerances The dimensions and geometric tolerances of standard bearings are tolerance class 6, which conforms to the standard ISO 492:2014. Higher precision bearings can also be obtained through agreement. The internal radial clearance of cylindrical bore bearings CN (Group N) conforms to DIN 620-4 (ISO 5753-1). Internal radial clearance CM of internal radial clearance of special bearing for motor
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