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Load moment speed preload characteristics of crossed roller bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-24
Features Crossed roller bearings have high rigidity and run accuracy better than P4. Other accuracy is P5, and it is preloaded. The outer ring of the bearing can be easily fixed in the surrounding structural parts with a gland. The internal structure of the crossed roller bearing introduced here is very suitable for high-speed working conditions, and is suitable for vertical hexagonal lathes. Compared with the high precision bearings in TPI120 that can withstand compound loads, crossed roller bearings of the same size have a higher dynamic load rating. As there are fewer rollers, the rigidity is relatively reduced. These guidelines and data are mainly for the crossed roller bearings in the list. The outer ring rotates when the bearing is working. Used to bear axial load, radial load and moment. Because cylindrical rollers are O-shaped arrangement, the bearing can bear axial load and radial load, overturning moment and other composite loads, but only takes up the space of one bearing. Therefore, the two-bearing arrangement design can be replaced by a single-bearing arrangement, as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2. Fa u003d Axial load Fr u003d Radial load Mk u003d Overturning moment Fig. 1 Arrangement of two bearings 00017B7C Crossed roller bearing Fig. 2 employs only one arrangement of crossed roller bearing. THK Crossed Roller Bearing Speed u200bu200bLimit The speed limit of the bearing is determined by the lubrication method of the bearing (grease and lubricating oil), please refer to the dimension table. If other limiting speeds are required, please contact Schaeffler Group Engineering Services. Preload For the cross roller bearing Z-556, the preload of the bearing has been determined in the production plant, and the bearing ring is fixed by the end cover and bolts. For the cross-rolling seed bearing Z-549, the actual height record table of the inner ring of the bearing will be accompanied by the bearing. The required preload is achieved by adjusting the gap between the inner ring of the bearing. Adjust the gap of the inner ring of the bearing by adjusting the shim between the end face of the shaft and the end face of the end cover. It is recommended to adjust the thickness of the gasket according to the following method. The first step to initially determine the thickness of the gasket is to make a gasket. The gasket should be slightly thicker to ensure that the gap value is 0.25 mm to 0.5 mm, so as to provide a measurable axial clearance. The preliminary thickness of the gasket X1 is calculated as follows: The preliminary thickness of the gasket of X1 mm, as shown in Figure 3, the width of the inner ring of the Bi mm bearing can refer to the inspection table. Figure 3 Initial gasket thickness of the bearing arrangement X10017746 Schaeffler Group Industrial TPI 205 63 After determining the thickness of the required gasket and measuring the axial clearance, the gasket thickness X can be finally determined. The axial clearance of the bearing can be obtained by lifting the outer ring of the bearing and surrounding structural parts and measuring their movement. Determine the thickness of the gasket: determine the preload: X mm required gasket thickness, Figure 4X1 mm gasket initial thickness A mm measured axial clearance V mm preload FV kN preload, the recommended value is 3.5% of the rated Dynamic load CCs kN0.926/mm axial elastic coefficient, please refer to the dimension table. Figure 4 Bearing arrangement and gasket thickness X.
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