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Lubrication restrictions and equipment requirements for cylindrical roller bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-12
Lubrication limitation: When rolling bearings are at a lower temperature, the starting torque in grease lubrication applications usually increases significantly. The starting torque is not mainly determined by the stability of the grease, but is usually determined by the rheological properties of the grease. The high temperature limit of grease is usually determined by the thermal stability, oxidation stability and antioxidant performance of the base oil. Please refer to the Lubrication section on page 39 for detailed information on lubrication limits. Equipment requirements: Equipment designers must evaluate the impact of temperature on equipment performance. For example, precision machine tool spindle bearings may be very sensitive to thermal expansion. For some spindles, special attention is required when the operating temperature is higher than the ambient temperature by 2C to 35°C. Most industrial equipment can work at fairly high temperatures. For example, the transmission gear can withstand a high temperature of 93°C. Equipment such as gas turbines can work continuously at temperatures above 10C. However, if the shaft and bearing seat are processed and heat treated improperly during long-term operation under high temperature conditions, the matching amount may be affected. Although the bearing can work normally at temperatures as high as 12C, the upper temperature limit of 8C to 95°C is more realistic. Higher operating temperature will increase the instantaneous temperature peak and increase the possibility of bearing damage. Sample testing according to specific applications can help determine the operating temperature range. The equipment designer should weigh all relevant factors and finally determine the working temperature that meets the requirements.
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