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Nominal model and accuracy of joint bearing

by:JNSN     2021-12-13
The nominal model number of the spherical plain bearing is composed of model mark, size and auxiliary mark. The arrangement example is shown below. Example of the arrangement of the nominal model No. mark size SB 20 joint bearing model No. of the nominal model arrangement example 1 example 2 Model mark size supplementary mark GE 30 bearing model EC 2RS inner ring inner diameter (30mm) with gasket inner ring inner diameter (20mm ) Refer to Table 2 for the allowable tolerances of precision metric series spherical plain bearings. GE's allowable tolerance is the value before splitting the outer ring and after surface treatment. The allowable tolerances of SB and SBA are the values u200bu200bbefore the outer ring is split and before the surface treatment. The allowable tolerance of GEEC is the value before the outer ring is split. Refer to Table 3 for the allowable tolerances of the inch series spherical plain bearings. The allowable tolerance of the inner diameter is the value after the surface treatment, and the other allowable tolerances are the value before the outer ring is split and before the surface treatment. Sometimes there are some differences from the allowable tolerance due to surface treatment, but it does not affect the performance of the bearing.
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