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Polygonal roller bearings for printing machinery with Triondur coating

by:JNSN     2021-12-23
In addition to special bearings, the Schaeffler Group also offers a wide range of standard bearings for printing machinery. Other information ■ For details, please refer to catalogue HR 1. Rolling bearing ball bearing roller ball bearing roller is identical in design to deep groove ball or angular contact ball bearing, except that the outer ring is thicker and the outer surface is crowned. It can bear bidirectional axial load and higher radial load. Ball bearing rollers have bolt type and support type. Support type ball bearing rollers are mounted on shafts or bolts. Many special rollers with Triondur coating are coated on the outer surface, Figure 1. This kind of coating is especially suitable for the bite axis control mechanism in the sheet-fed offset printing machine. Triondur coating has the following characteristics: ■ Excellent wear protection ■ Very low friction ■ Very high mechanical strength and tribological performance ■ Good emergency running characteristics. The seal adopts lip seal or gap seal. Lubricated ball bearing rollers are lubricated with lithium soap base grease. Double row ball bearing rollers can be relubricated through the inner ring. Polygonal roller bearings for printing machinery are ready-to-install bearing units, Figure 2: ■ They are ready-to-install bearing units. Including the following components: cylindrical bore inner ring, cylindrical roller with rib guide and double row cage (floating bearing). Or a double-row tapered roller bearing with O-shaped arrangement. As a locating bearing, the thick-walled outer ring has lubrication holes and mounting holes, polygonal outer surface ■ Polygonal bearings are especially suitable for printing press cylinders that require large radial displacement ■ After installation Zero clearance. Precision lock nuts Precision lock nuts are used in occasions that require high axial force, high runout accuracy and rigidity. The thread and axial end face of the lock nut are assembled and processed at one time. Therefore, its runout accuracy is very high. The lock nut ZM uses two radial lock pins to prevent loosening. Spherical roller bearings Spherical roller bearings are double-row non-separable bearings, consisting of a solid outer ring with a spherical raceway, a solid inner ring and a drum-shaped roller with a cage. The design for printing machinery usually has the following characteristics: ■ X-life quality ■ tapered bore inner ring ■ improved accuracy to tolerance level P5 ■ reduced internal clearance. Crossed Roller Bearings Crossed Roller Bearings XSU are composed of inner and outer rings, rolling elements and spacers. The rolling elements are X-shaped arrangement, so they can withstand axial force, radial force and overturning moment. Crossed roller bearings without teeth have high rigidity and running accuracy. Available with preload or clearance design. The bearing ring is directly fixed to the adjacent structure with bolts, which is very easy to install. The design of special geometric shapes, such as an integrated cam on the outer ring, can be provided after negotiation.
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