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Replacement of imported bearings for Wazhou coal mine machinery

by:JNSN     2021-10-30
Recently, representatives of the main engine enterprises of the China Coal Energy Group Coal Mine Complete Equipment Consortium visited and inspected the bearing, and left a deep impression on the coal mine machinery series bearings, advanced production equipment and high-end manufacturing technology developed and developed by the bearing, and expressed their strong cooperation. ,Achieve win-win.

The bearings of coal mining equipment require large bearing capacity, shock resistance and long life. The bearings of conveying equipment require large loads, high speed, impact resistance, long life and corrosion resistance. Focusing on the long life and high reliability of coal mining machinery bearings and the requirements for the localization of imported bearings, Wazhou Group has formulated technical standards for raw materials dedicated to coal mining machinery bearings. It is carried out on the CNC machining center, and the advanced processing equipment and the self-developed grinding process technology ensure that the product accuracy reaches P5 or higher. In addition, the bushing implements the quality traceability management of the whole process in the quality control of the coal machine bearing. The quality tracking record is established for the whole process of the product from the grinding process to the user use, and the quality file is formed with traceability; the implementation of three 100% inspections, Ensure zero defects in the factory products; the manufacturing chain is controlled, all bearing parts are processed within the company, and the quality of the processing process is under control. Relying on international advanced equipment and precision manufacturing technology, the coal mine machinery series bearings developed by Wazhou have high precision, long life and high reliability. The service life of shearer bearings and scraper bearings can reach 16,000 hours, and the service life of tunneling machine bearings can reach 10,000. Hours, it has successfully replaced imports, and has been supplied by representative companies in the industry, and customers have responded well. Wazhou Group is accelerating the development of coal mining machinery supporting bearings that meet the individual needs of users, increasing product and market development efforts, and comprehensively increasing market share.

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