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Rolling bearing installation and maintenance equipment and services

by:JNSN     2021-12-26
Equipment and service repair capabilities Schaeffler Group Industrial is an expert in the maintenance of rotating parts. Its purpose is to reduce maintenance costs for customers, improve equipment utilization, and avoid unplanned downtime. We provide services for all brands of machine parts. In order to provide fast and high-quality services to customers around the world, the Schaeffler Group has expert centers all over the world. All service employees have undergone strict training and regular audits. This ensures that global services can reach the same high quality standards. Due to the different needs of each customer, Schaeffler Group provides tailor-made solutions for different customers. Industrial Services The service sector has continued to expand its business scope in recent years. For other product and service information, please refer to the following chapters. For detailed information about products and services, please refer to the rolling bearing installation and maintenance catalog IS1. Products for installation and maintenance. Our products include rolling bearing mechanical, hydraulic and heated installation and removal tools. Mechanical method products are mainly used for the installation and disassembly of small bearings. Hydraulic and heating method products are mainly used for the installation and disassembly of large and medium-sized rolling bearings. Our products are very comprehensive, including measuring devices and accessories (such as transportation tools and gloves, etc.). Use mechanical methods to install and remove bearings. For small and medium-sized rolling bearings, mechanical methods are often used to install and remove them. The complete set of installation and removal tools provided by SchaefflerGroup includes a variety of wrenches and mechanical pullers. For occasions that require higher tension, we provide hydraulic pullers. We provide the following products: complete sets of installation tools, socket wrenches, hook and pin wrenches, mechanical pullers, hydraulic pullers, Figure 1 three-piece pull chuck. Use hydraulic methods to install and remove bearings. Use hydraulic nuts to install and remove tapered bore bearings more easily. Pressure sources include oil injectors, hand pumps and high-pressure pumps. Use the software Mounting Manager to easily select the required tools. Provide a comprehensive range of accessories, such as pressure gauges, adapters and pipe joints, high-pressure hoses and taper sleeve couplings. Hydraulic nut, oiler, hand pump kit, high-pressure pump, hydraulic system and equipment, couplings, accessories. Products used for heating installation and disassembly use induction heaters to heat rolling bearings quickly and energy-saving. Schaeffler Group provides both mobile desktop induction heaters and high-performance stationary heavy-duty induction heating equipment. Electric heating plates, induction heaters, heating aluminum rings, thermal paste, and induction heating coils. Product measuring devices and feeler gauges used for measurement and inspection can be used to check the processing quality of the bearing seat and the bearing assembly clearance: feeler gauges, taper ring gauges, outside micrometers, envelope circle measuring instruments. Accessories for installation and disassembly Accessories are used to assist the storage, transportation and installation of rolling bearings: transportation and installation tools, gloves, installation paste, and anti-rust oil. Condition monitoring Equipment condition monitoring helps to achieve high utilization rates and long service cycles of machines and equipment. The product can carry out planned maintenance work to save costs. Its products include centering equipment for shafts and pulleys. Temperature measuring devices and industrial stethoscopes make it possible to monitor the operating status of equipment. The measurement system is an important product that can monitor vibration, torque and lubrication. Monitoring of working conditions These devices can be used to manually check the temperature and speed of the rolling bearing arrangement: Temperature measuring device Digital hand-held tachometer. Vibration Diagnosis Vibration Diagnosis Equipment: Detector III, Figure 2 SmartCheck DTECT X1 s WiPro s ProCheck. Installation services The service experts of the Industrial Division of the Schaeffler Group provide rolling bearing installation services for all industrial sectors, Figure 3. We have extensive experience in bearing installation, such as railways, mining, steel, aluminum, wind power, pulp and paper, etc. Condition monitoring The trouble-free operation of complex machines and equipment can only be achieved through maintenance methods based on condition monitoring. The main method used by the Schaeffler Group for maintenance based on condition detection is vibration analysis, Figure 4. These methods can detect the initial damage of the machine at an early stage. Most importantly, vibration diagnosis also helps to avoid unplanned downtime and costly secondary damage, thereby improving production efficiency and equipment utilization. Figure 3 Installation of large rolling bearings 00017E25 Figure 4 Vibration diagnosis is also one of the service items. Rolling bearing repair During the maintenance of machines and equipment, many rolling bearings are no longer maintained, but replacement of new bearings is used as a preventive measure. In some cases, this over-consideration of safety hazards has caused a waste of costs. The actual situation is: the restored rolling bearing has the same performance as the new bearing. The repair business of rolling bearings and rolling bearing units is one of Schaeffler Group Industrial's core competencies. There are many certified bearing repair service departments worldwide. And we can repair various types of rolling bearings of various manufacturers and brands, not just for Schaeffler Group products. The Schaeffler Group can provide maintenance services for rolling bearings with an outer diameter not greater than 4 250 mm, as shown in Figure 5. For customers, we are your professional partner with a very wide range of business, including various fields of industry, such as general and special machinery manufacturing, steel and aluminum, pulp and paper, wind power, shipbuilding, private or public railways, Mining etc. Rolling bearing repair business has also been proven to be feasible for large bearings in machine tools.
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