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Rotation torque of cylindrical roller bearing

by:JNSN     2021-12-13
Cylindrical roller bearings: The torque calculation formula for cylindrical roller bearings is given below. The coefficient depends on the bearing series and is listed in the following table: M u003d f1 Fß dm + 10-7 f0 (vxn)2/3 dm3 If (vxn) 2000f1 Fß dm + 160 x 10-7 f0 dm3 If (vxn) <2000 Note, the unit of viscosity is centistokes. The load (Fß) depends on the bearing type, as follows: Radial cylindrical roller bearings: Fß u003d maximum 0.8Fa cot or Fr{ ﹛Table 22. Coefficient of the torque calculation formula bearing type dimension series f0f1. Torque Rotation Torque—The resistance of M bearing rotation depends on the load, speed, lubrication conditions and the inherent characteristics of the bearing. The following formula can approximate the bearing rotation torque. These formulas apply to oil-lubricated bearings. For grease lubricated or oil mist lubricated bearings, the torque is usually lower, although the torque for grease lubrication also depends on the amount and viscosity of the grease. In addition, the formula is based on the assumption that the rotational torque of the bearing has stabilized after the running-in period. Lubrication In order to reduce the friction of the bearing, it is necessary to use lubrication: Minimize the rotation resistance caused by the deformation of the rolling elements and raceways when subjected to load. Minimize the sliding friction between the rolling elements, raceways and cages to transfer heat (use oil lubrication) ) Anti-corrosion, use grease lubrication to prevent pollutants from entering the lubrication and sealing.
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