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Technical characteristics of ceramic ball bearings with seat and stainless steel bearings with seat and other components

by:JNSN     2021-12-22
High-speed bearing assembly (special symbol K3) 5 Blower assembly (special symbol K5) Figure 2.3 Structure of blower assembly High-speed assembly (special symbol K3) is a product developed for the purpose of high-speed rotation and low heat generation. The bearings of high-speed components use non-contact oil seals that are most suitable for high-speed rotation and low torque requirements. It is suitable for applications requiring high-speed rotation, low torque and low heat generation, such as textile machinery and printing machinery. Mounted rolling bearings used in blowers require high-speed rotation, low heat generation, low vibration, and low noise. Therefore, in order to meet the required performance, the machining accuracy of the bearing has been improved by one level, and the blower assembly (special symbol K5) that uses a non-contact type oil seal has also been serialized. It is suitable for applications that require high-speed rotation, low heat generation, low vibration, and low noise, such as blowers. 6 Purification series components are designed to reduce the size and weight of equipment and machinery, and use convenient stop screws when installing on the shaft. The inner ring has been electroplated for rust prevention and combined with a special alloy bearing box. In addition, due to the rubber coating on the surface of the dust cover, it can be tightly attached to the bearing box and has excellent dust and water resistance. The stainless steel seated bearing series components (special symbol S6) are required to have good water resistance and corrosion resistance. The seated ball bearings used in food machinery and machinery that are prone to water. Therefore, in order to meet the required performance, stainless steel is used in the bearings and bearing housings. In addition, the grease is USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) H1 certified food grease. Ceramic ball bearing assembly (special symbol Y1~Y7) The ceramic ball bearing uses silicon nitride ceramics in the rolling part. It can be used in special environments such as high temperature, corrosion, high-speed rotation, low torque, low dust, and vacuum for a long time. Bearings that maintain stable performance. Y1 specification (high-speed rotation specification) · Utilizing the lightweight characteristics of ceramic beads, it is suitable for high-speed rotation environments with a dN value of more than 200,000. Y2 specification (general specification)·It is the standard type of ceramic ball bearing series. The heat-resistant temperature is generally 250°C (up to 300°C). It can also be used in corrosive environments such as heating water vapor, chemicals, and solvents. In addition, it can also be adapted to the requirements of low dust environments such as clean rooms and low torque, and it can maintain good performance under insulation or vacuum conditions. Y3 specification (ultra-high temperature specification) · A new type of bearing that uses solid lubricating materials in the cage in a high temperature environment (above 300°C) where grease lubrication is difficult. The heat-resistant temperature is generally 450°C (up to 500°C). Y7 specification (high corrosion resistance specification)·Particularly a model for use in strong corrosive environments (in chemical liquid solvents, water, etc.). Mainly used in low-load, low-speed rotating environments.
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