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Testing of motor bearing material and vibration

by:JNSN     2021-12-21
Detect the vibration velocity value and acceleration value of the complete set of bearings according to national standards. ZWZ also has the domestic leading ultra-large 4-band bearing vibration measurement and 6.4 angular contact ball bearing vibration and spherical roller bearing vibration can be compared to deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings or according to user requirements, the specific speed must be specified when ordering And vibration value requirements. Temperature rise measurement system, bearing inner diameter range of 120~200mm ZWZ has a large-scale spectrum analysis system, which measures the maximum bearing outer diameter of 500mm, covering most of the vibration detection of super-large motor bearings, and can quality the bearing vibration and temperature rise trend assessment. Measure the waviness of the parts to ensure the vibration value of the complete set of bearings. The ZWZ ring raceway spectrum analyzer is an important method for the process quality control of motor bearings. It can not only control the quality of the raceway waviness, but also perform spectrum on complex waveforms. Analysis provides a basis for quality analysis and equipment adjustment. The working performance and reliability of rolling bearings largely depend on the properties of bearing materials. Rolling bearings need to keep high-speed and high-precision rotation while repeatedly bearing heavy stress on the contact surface between the ring and the rolling element. For this reason, the ferrule and rolling element materials require certain hardness related to load-bearing capacity, anti-rolling fatigue performance, wear resistance, and dimensional stability under rolling contact and different lubrication conditions. More non-metallic inclusions are likely to cause fatigue cracking, so the fewer non-metallic inclusions, the cleaner the material, and the longer the life of the rolling bearing. Rolling bearing rings are generally made of high-carbon chromium bearing steel. For bearings subjected to high impact loads and alternating bending stresses, carburized steel is used. High-carbon chromium bearing steel is the most widely used in rolling bearings. It adopts the overall quenching method, and the surface and the core can be hardened. In recent years, due to the continuous improvement of the quality of bearing steel, the vacuum degassing treatment has reduced the oxygen content and non-metallic inclusions, and the material properties have been greatly improved. For long-life and high-reliability bearings, electroslag remelting bearing steel with higher cleanliness can also be used. The heat treatment process of ZWZ rolling bearing rings and rolling elements ensures that the bearing is dimensionally stable within 120°C. The cage is used to separate the rolling elements and prevent direct contact between adjacent rolling elements, reducing friction and heat generation during work. Keep the distance between the rolling elements equal, so that the load is evenly distributed and the rigidity is stable. It can keep the rolling elements of the separable bearing from falling off, and can also be used to guide the rolling elements. The cage can also play a role in storing grease, thereby improving the lubrication of the bearing. ZWZ motor bearing cages can be roughly divided into stamping cages, metal solid cages, nylon cages and so on. Under special high temperature conditions, the rings and rollers need to be subjected to high temperature tempering treatment, and the bearing rings need to undergo a special process. After heat treatment, the use temperature is S0-the bearing ring undergoes high temperature tempering treatment, and the working temperature can reach 150°C. S1——The bearing ring has been subjected to high temperature tempering treatment, and the working temperature can reach 200℃. S2——The bearing ring has been subjected to high temperature tempering treatment, and the working temperature can reach 250℃. S3-After high temperature tempering treatment of bearing ring, the working temperature can reach 300℃. S4——The bearing ring has been subjected to high temperature tempering treatment, and the working temperature can reach 350℃.
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