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Testing of rolling bearing components and lubricants

by:JNSN     2021-12-21
Monitoring characteristics of rolling bearing components The online monitoring system of this bearing model is used to evaluate the remaining service life of heavy-duty components and monitor the running process. Online monitoring system ProTorq Online monitoring system ProTorq is suitable for the monitoring of various components due to its many functions. It helps: ■ Early detection of overload and possible component failure ■ Reliable estimation of remaining service life ■ Optimized component usage and maintenance planning ■ Improved quality and performance ■ Design certification and optimization of power elements. Function ProTorq can be used to detect signals such as torque, elongation, thrust, pressure, temperature and displacement changes. These signals can be correlated with other data to assess the condition of the machine. In addition, this system can also perform calculations and comparisons between signals. As a result, users can obtain reliable environmental status information from components or operating processes. This system can also be used in harsh environments such as rolling mills or offshore. Customer Solution ProTorq has many functions and needs to rely on precise parameter definitions for monitoring when configuring hardware and software. Each system represents a targeted independent solution. The Schaeffler Group accompanies users throughout the project phase. According to the Schaeffler Group's bearing system configuration, users can pass intensive training to reach the level where the system can be used alone. According to customer requirements, Schaeffler Group specialists can estimate the measurement data. If permanent installation is not required for troubleshooting, Schaeffler Group also provides temporary measurements. The purpose is to find a solution to unexpected component failure points in a short period of time. Lubricant monitoring characteristics This type of oil sample can be used to determine the early wear of heavy-duty industrial gearboxes based on particles in the oil. Monitoring particles in oil means detecting early failures in advance. Particles can be identified through early oil monitoring. This can help prevent failures and downtime. Oil Analyzer Wear Debris Monitor Wear Debris Monitor is a monitor to monitor the number of particles in the oil and according to the particles. Oil sensor classified by size and material. The oil sensor is installed in the gear box at the front end of the filter in the auxiliary flow of the recirculating grease system or in a separate oil branch. G Wear Debris Monitor is mainly used in, for example, gearboxes that extract plants as raw materials, and planetary gearboxes in wind turbines or ship bearing propulsion systems. The features of this equipment are as follows: ■ Monitoring the number of particles in the oil ■ Different particles can be divided into ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals ■ Classification of particles according to size ■ Integrating oil particle monitoring into the existing online monitoring system. At the junction of oil and vibration monitoring facilities, damage in the gearbox and recirculating oil lubrication can be detected early and the cause of the failure can be determined. In this way, stoppages and secondary failures in the production process can be prevented.
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