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The basic principle of the mechanical bearing of the dust collector

by:JNSN     2021-12-24

With the continuous enhancement of the effect of mechanical dust removal, it protects the phenomenon that it is not suitable to cause decomposition and flow under the pressure of shock absorption and stability, and strengthens the characteristics of stable movement efficiency in the absorption of dust by the law, which greatly improves The processing flow of centrifugal technology can be carried out in the filtering effect of dust. But what made today's results? The following editor will discuss the basic principles of the work of the mechanical bearing of the dust collector.

What is the basic principle of the operation of the mechanical bearing of the dust collector?

1. The perfection of the filter equipment of the dust collector bearing: For the function of cleaning dust, the centrifugal effect is increased and the rotation effect of various directions is performed, which protects the stable and efficient decomposition of harmful particles. It reduces the phenomenon of unstable absorption in a humid environment and prevents vibration.

2. The conductive isolation of the dust collector: Because the information of the processing of different gases is In the effect, it protects the machine to reduce the phenomenon of static electricity during vibration work.

3. The dust collector regularly cleans the dust of the filter element: because the dust collector can carry out the timely cleaning process in the function of the energized equipment, it can ensure efficient operation during the energized process and reduce the electrical conductivity. During the work, the load current causes the phenomenon of unstable diffusion. For more information, please visit the official website.

The working principle of the Weddell cabinet-type dust collector:

1. Dust-containing gas enters from the tuyere The box body is filtered by the filter bucket, and the dust is blocked on the outer surface of the filter bucket. After purification, the gas is discharged from the box body through the air outlet and directly discharged into the room (it can be exhausted to the outdoors by connecting the air pipe).

2. Through the precision punch mold and electronic balance operation, it can achieve no vibration, low noise, increase suction efficiency, and reduce air friction resistance.

3. Adopt the cartridge filter device to increase the filter area, so even the fine dust can be sucked and filtered.

4. Because of the overall simple structure, it is easy to replace the filter device and the operation is simple.

5. Scope of application: chemical and pharmaceutical, food processing, metallurgy, casting, carbon materials, mechanical processing, building materials and other industries, mixers, ingredients, mixing, vibrating screens, crushers, cutting operations , Mixing operation, stone carving operation, machine plate processing operation, casting cutting operation, grinding operation, drilling operation, metal processing operation, bag sealing operation, air conveying input port, crushing operation, mixing operation, cutting operation, powder input operation , Grinding machine operations.

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