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The characteristics of thrust ball bearings and the meaning of suffixes

by:JNSN     2021-12-12
The characteristic thrust ball bearing is composed of shaft washer, seat washer, ball and cage assembly. This type of bearing is a separable bearing; that is, the ball and cage assembly and the bearing ring can be installed separately. One-way thrust ball bearings can bear axial load in a single direction, but cannot bear radial load. Operating temperature The operating temperature of thrust ball bearings ranges from 30 °C to +150 °C. Cage large thrust ball bearings have ball-guided solid brass cages (suffix M or MP) or steel solid cages (suffix F or FP), please refer to the table. Suffixes For the suffixes of existing designs, please refer to the table. The existing design order code of thrust ball bearing with measurement report and wall thickness change mark. Suffix description design: F steel solid cage, ball guide standard design FP steel window solid cage, ball guide M solid brass cage, ball guide MP solid brass window cage, ball guide P5 high precision Tolerance class P5 Special design MPB solid brass window cage, special design for ferrule guide, M15 with measurement report, available through agreement J15 Actual value mark J26 Maximum wall thickness change mark ■ 511/1320-MP-P5-J26CA- M15EZ CA u003d shaft washer, seat ring E u003d measurement items, including d, D, Si, Se Z u003d measurement report included in the bearing package.
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