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The core component of high-speed railway railway bearings will usher in new opportunities

by:JNSN     2021-10-22

Since July 2014, the railway department has successfully carried out a comprehensive test of 30-ton axle load and heavy-duty railway between Changzinan and Pingshun Station on the newly-built central-southern Shanxi railway passage, marking the new technology of heavy-haul railways in my country. Breakthrough. Analysts pointed out that with the improvement of railway technology, high-speed rail has basically realized localization and patents have gradually been recognized. As the core component of high-speed rail, the field of railway bearings is expected to usher in new opportunities.   Breakthrough in heavy-haul railway technology   Heavy-haul transportation is an internationally recognized development direction of railway freight, and the axle load of freight cars represents the level of development of heavy-haul railways. At present, my country's railway freight cars generally use 23 tons of axle load. In recent years, in order to accelerate the development of heavy-haul transportation, the railway department has successfully developed a complete set of 25-ton axle-loaded railway technology through independent innovation, and successfully applied it to heavy-haul lines such as the Daqin Railway. On this basis, combined with the implementation of the new Shanxi Central and Southern Railway Corridor project, the railway department has carried out comprehensive research and development of 30-ton axle load railway technology, systematically organized core equipment and key technology research, and developed 30-ton axle-loaded locomotives and 30 One-ton axle-loaded trucks and electronically controlled air brake systems; first developed in-phase power supply technology and energy-saving traction transformers; first developed and applied 30-ton axle-loaded heavy-duty railway track structure, heavy-duty steel rails and turnouts, and related complete sets of technologies. This marks a new breakthrough in my country's heavy-haul railway technology. This comprehensive test involves 6 systems, 20 professional directions, and 77 test items, including locomotives, public works, communication signals, traction power supply, heavy-duty transportation, vibration and noise, and the system verifies that the 30-ton axle heavy-duty train is in operation. The safety, compatibility and applicability of fixed facilities and mobile equipment under conditions. Up to now, the test mileage of 100,000 kilometers has been completed. This comprehensive test will lay a solid foundation for the opening and operation of 30-ton axle-loaded railways in my country, and will further enhance the technological innovation level of my country's heavy-haul railways, forming a complete set of technical systems for 30-ton axle-loaded railways with independent intellectual property rights.  Railway bearing industry welcomes opportunities   Since the beginning of this year, high-level leaders have continued to promote overseas high-speed rail, and have achieved fruitful results. In addition to traditionally advantageous regions in Southeast Asia and South Asia, the United States and Russia have made breakthroughs. The merger of the North and South vehicles also cleared obstacles for the expansion of high-speed rail diplomacy. Currently, China's high-speed rail construction costs are relatively low. According to the analysis of the World Bank, the cost of high-speed rail construction in Europe is 150-240 million yuan/km, and the cost of California high-speed rail construction is about 470 million yuan/km. The world average is about 200 million yuan/km. The average value is 129 million yuan/km, which is not more than 2/3 of the world average.   In order to absorb foreign high-speed rail technology, the joint ventures established by my country and overseas rail transit equipment companies include Kawasaki-Sifang, Bombardier-BSP, Alstom-Changke, Siemens-Tangshan factory, and developed a series of products. In terms of key technologies for high-speed EMUs, the South and North Cars have basically achieved full localization, with a localization rate of about 90%, and China's high-speed rail patents have gradually been recognized overseas. Industry insiders pointed out that as a core component of high-speed rail, the railway bearing industry has made rapid progress. With the improvement of railway technology, the field of railway bearings is expected to usher in new opportunities.

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