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The development of domestic high-end bearings can be expected, and multiple channels need to be paralleled

by:JNSN     2021-11-05

At present, my country's hardware bearings have constituted a large economic scale, but with the development of the market, users have higher and higher requirements for the accuracy, performance, and types of bearing products. This has also evolved into the market for high-end bearings. The demand has greatly increased. This also requires my country's bearing enterprises to actively develop high-end products that adapt to market needs, so as to stimulate domestic demand through independent innovation and brand building, and drive the basic machinery casting industry to the international field.

In the era of economic globalization, my country’s automobile, aviation, medical and other industries are also booming, which invisibly provides a broad development platform for the domestic machinery casting industry, and my country’s hardware and bearing industry is also taking advantage of the momentum. Is developing upwards. In recent years, the production scale of bearings in my country has expanded rapidly. The number of bearing companies has reached nearly 2,000, of which nearly half are large-scale companies, with sales revenue exceeding 5 million.

Not only that, but under the guidance of the 'Twelfth Five-Year PlanIt has formulated the policy of stimulating the development of the domestic mold industry with two carriages of projects and exports. It is believed that driven by the development of various fields such as rail transit, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace, and automobile lightweight, the level of my country's bearing casting industry has been significantly improved.

The mechanical foundry industry is advancing steadily in the traditional market and is actively exploring new channels. Nowadays, China's mechanical casting industry is moving in the direction of high-grade products and lower manufacturing costs, striving to make it reach or close to the international advanced level. It is estimated that with the support of the policy, by 2015, the sales of the high-end bearing casting industry will reach around 222 billion yuan.

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