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The development of the bearing foundry industry is in good shape

by:JNSN     2021-10-25

In the era of economic globalization, my country's automobile, aviation, medical and other industries are also booming, which invisibly provides a broad development platform for the domestic machinery casting industry. The bearing foundry industry is developing well. The number of bearing enterprises is close to 2,000, of which nearly half are large enterprises, with sales revenue exceeding 5 million.

The bearing industry is taking the road of localization

In recent years, with the continuous development of the industry, more and more hardware products of our country have been exported to other countries, and overseas demand has increased. It directly drove the increase in the output of domestic foundry enterprises in my country. Luo Baihui, secretary general of the International Model Association, said that my country's hardware bearings have now constituted a large economic scale, but with the development of the market, users have higher and higher requirements for the accuracy, performance, and types of bearing products, which has also evolved into The market demand for high-end bearings has greatly increased.

As a kind of basic industry that my country focuses on development, although the development speed of the bearing industry is not fast, it already has a large production capacity. In the industry, many bearing products related process technology still have many problems that have not been overcome. For example, if the current level and quality of bearing products want to improve, we must also pay attention to the improvement of steel quality, and do a good job in the research and development of lubrication, cleaning, abrasives and other related technologies. However, these related technologies do not meet the requirements. The domestic high-end bearing casting industry shoulders the challenge of the important mission of the localization of my country's high-end equipment, and considering the outstanding Ru0026D, casting and innovation capabilities of Shaoxing Technology, I believe that in the future, it will be able to support the important task of my country's major equipment localization.

Under the guidance of the 'Twelfth Five-Year PlanIt has formulated the policy of stimulating the development of the domestic mold industry with two carriages of projects and exports. Driven by the development of various fields such as rail transit, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace, automobile lightweight, and rail transit, the level of my country's bearing casting industry has been significantly improved.

Opening up new roads with the help of the Internet

National policies have given great support to the development of the bearing industry. Under such circumstances, the economic scale of the bearing industry is gradually increasing. In today's information age, if the bearing industry wants to develop further, it will inevitably enter the Internet e-commerce market.

The entry into Internet e-commerce has also opened up a new market space for the bearing industry, effectively alleviating the phenomenon of overcapacity in the bearing industry. And with the development of Internet e-commerce, more market channels have been opened up, because the traditional Internet e-commerce pattern has become increasingly saturated, and the emerging mobile Internet market may become a new direction for the development of the bearing industry.

It is estimated that with the support of the policy, by 2015, the sales of the high-end bearing casting industry will reach about 222 billion yuan. This also requires my country's bearing enterprises to actively develop high-end products that adapt to market needs, so as to stimulate domestic demand through independent innovation and brand building, and drive the basic machinery casting industry to the international field.

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