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The domestic metal bearing casting industry is developing rapidly

by:JNSN     2021-11-06

The development of domestic aerospace, rail transit, medical equipment and other related fields has driven the development of the bearing casting industry to a certain extent.

Under the guidance of the 'Twelfth Five-Year PlanDuring the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' period, the construction of high-speed rail will reach an unprecedented peak. In 2011, the national railway planned infrastructure investment of 700 billion yuan, providing huge market opportunities for the entire high-speed rail equipment manufacturing enterprise.

By 2012, my country will build 42 high-speed railway passenger dedicated lines with a total mileage of more than 13,000 kilometers. This will create an additional demand for 800 trains of EMUs. By 2020, my country's high-speed railway mileage will reach 1.8 10,000 kilometers provides a broad market space for my country's high-speed rail bearings.

my country's high-speed rail bearing market will exceed 2 billion yuan in the next three years. In the field of high-speed train bearings, which are basic parts of high-speed rail, international giants such as Sweden's SKF, Germany's FAG, and Japan's NTN firmly occupy the Chinese market. Although a small number of domestic companies can manufacture EMU bearings with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour, the relevant procurement departments will still use imported components. It takes a process to develop high-end bearings. At present, we can increase research and development efforts and actively research.

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