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The lubrication method of printing machine bearing and the choice of lubricating grease

by:JNSN     2021-12-29
Principle: Printing machine bearings can be lubricated with grease or oil. In practical applications, the following lubrication schemes are usually used: ■ Both the drive end and the operating end are lubricated with grease. The drive end is lubricated with oil, and the operating end is lubricated with grease. ■ Both the drive end and the operating end are lubricated with oil. The advantage of oil lubrication is that it does not require maintenance. The disadvantage is that the friction and temperature rise of the bearing are relatively high, and the sealing cost is high. Generally, the lubricant used for printing press drives can also be used to lubricate the bearings. Generally, mineral-based or synthetic gear lubricants are used, with viscosity grades of ISO VG 68, 100 and 150. Cleanliness The cleanliness of the lubricating oil has a greater impact on the rated life of the bearing, see page 14, section Load capacity and rated life. Therefore, the Schaeffler Group recommends the use of lubricating oil filters and pay attention to their filtration rate. The sieve aperture of the filter should be x 25 m. Excessive oil volume will have a greater impact on friction and cause excessive temperature rise of the bearing. In this case, please consult the engineering service department of the Schaeffler Group. The advantages of grease lubrication are as follows: ■ It can achieve particularly low friction and bearing operating temperature ■ Simple sealing ■ High cost-effective ■ Low system cost. The disadvantages of grease lubrication are: ■ Too much grease may cause excessive temperature rise of the bearing. Relubrication interval printing machine bearings are usually lubricated twice a year. This value is suitable for practical application requirements, even for non-contact gap seals. At this time, the grease also plays a protective role to prevent dust from entering the rolling contact area. In the gap sealing area, the sealing effect of grease is insufficient to prevent the entry of external fluid media. Arcanol rolling bearing grease From a large number of lubricants, Schaeffler Group Industrial has researched and developed Arcanol rolling bearing grease program. Arcanol grease provides good conditions for the improvement of bearing performance, service life and operational reliability. Using advanced testing methods and testing systems, all types of rolling bearings are tested under a large number of different working conditions to determine the application range of Arcanol. Grading scheme The grease scheme is graded to optimally cover all applications. Automatic or manual lubrication device For grease lubrication, we provide different types of automatic greasers COMPACT, CHAMPION and CONCEPT6, filled with Arcanol grease. For manual lubrication, a grease gun can be used, which consists of a manual grease gun ARCA-GREASEGUN and a matching reinforced hose ARCA-GREASE-GUN.HOSE. The choice of rolling bearing grease In printing machinery, two kinds of grease are the first choice, see the table. For the main roller bearings, the use of grease MULTITOP can meet very high quality requirements. This is a general purpose grease for ball and roller bearings, suitable for high-speed, heavy-duty, and low- or high-temperature applications. It can ensure sufficient working performance and has the following characteristics: ■ Long working life ■ High operational reliability ■ Low friction. For bearing type and bolt type rollers, grease LOAD150 is the first choice. This is a special grease for ball, roller and needle roller bearings. It is suitable for heavy loads, various speeds and oscillating motions. Arcanol rolling bearing grease model thickener base oil viscosity +40 °C consistency NLGI working temperature continuous limit working temperature mm2/s °C °C from to MULTITOP lithium soap ISO VG 68 2 40 +140 +80 LOAD150 Lithium complex base ISO VG 150 2 20 +140 +90 Packaging Arcanol rolling bearing grease is packaged in tubes, cylinders, cans, barrels, pails and large barrels, see table. Grease packaging specifications 1) Other packaging can be provided through negotiation. The automatic greaser can deliver fresh grease to the contact area of u200bu200bthe rolling bearing at an accurate time and quantitatively, as shown in Figure 1. The equipment must strictly observe the lubrication and maintenance cycle to prevent poor or over-lubrication. In this way, the cost of equipment downtime and maintenance will be reduced. The lubricator is connected to the corresponding bearing and has a wide range of applications in transmission systems or machinery, such as pumps, compressors and fans. The lubricator has the following advantages: ■ Individually set, precise lubrication of each bearing ■ Fully automatic and maintenance-free ■ Compared with manual lubrication, it can save labor costs ■ The distribution cycle is adjustable ■ The maximum pressure can reach 25 bar, so it can Go through any obstacles. Additional information ■ More detailed information about automatic greasers can be found in catalog IS 1, Installation and Maintenance of Rolling Bearings.
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