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The meaning of the prefix and suffix letter code of the seated bearing

by:JNSN     2021-12-27
The nominal model number of the seated rolling bearing is in accordance with JIS B 1557, and consists of the seated bearing's form code (consisting of the bearing's form code and the bearing box's form code), diameter series code, inner diameter model number, accessory code and special code. The nominal model of UCP207JL3 bearing UC207L3 The nominal model of bearing housing is P207J. UK P 209 J CD + H309X The nominal model of the bearing UK209+H309X The nominal model of the bearing box P209JE1 The nominal model of the steel cover (through type) C-9×40 (closed type) D-9. UC F 209 J L3 FD D1K2 G6 A1 Nominal model of bearing UC209L3D1K2G6 Nominal model of bearing housing F209JE3A1 Nominal model of cast iron cover (closed type) 209FD UCu003dBearing type symbol Fu003dBearing housing type symbol 2u003dDiameter series symbol 09u003d Inner model number Ju003dMatching code L3 FDu003dAccessory code D1K2 G6u003dBearing special code A1u003dBearing box special code Remarks) The above is an example of the configuration of the nominal model. However, the configuration of the nominal model may be different for different components. Bearing form code: UCu003dCylinder hole, with set screw UKu003dTapered hole (with fasteners) NAu003dCylinder hole, with eccentric fixing ring SBu003dCylinder hole, with set screw (lightweight type) SUu003dCylinder Hole, with stop screw (purification series) ERu003dcylindrical hole, with stop screw, cylindrical outer diameter surface, oil supply structure·with retaining ring RBu003dcylindrical hole, with stop screw, cylindrical outer diameter surface. Type code of the bearing box: Cu003dring seat (JIS standard product) Fu003dsquare seat (JIS standard product) FAu003ddeformed diamond seat FBu003ddeformed seat FCu003dround seat with boss (JIS standard product) FLu003ddiamond seat (JIS standard product) FSu003dSquare with boss (JIS standard product) HAu003dbracket base IPu003dthick wall vertical base LFu003dlightweight diamond base LPu003dlightweight vertical base NPTH slider base with steel frame frame P u003dVertical seat (JIS standard product) PAu003dNarrow vertical seat PFu003dSteel plate round seat (JIS standard product) PFLu003dSteel plate diamond seat (JIS standard product) PHu003dCentrally high vertical seat PPu003dSteel plate Vertical seat (JIS standard product) PTHu003dSlide seat with steel plate frame SFu003dStainless steel thin-walled square seat SFLu003dStainless steel thin-wall diamond seat Tu003dSlide seat (JIS standard product) THu003dStrip steel Frame slider seat TL u003d slider seat with light channel steel frame TU u003d slider seat with channel steel frame. Diameter series symbol: 2u003dlight load Xu003dmedium load 3u003dheavy load. Inner diameter model: Inner diameter model content 00 u003d bearing nominal inner diameter 10 mm 01 u003d bearing nominal inner diameter 12 mm 02 u003d bearing male inner diameter 15 mm 03 bearing nominal inner diameter 17 mm 04 or more (inner diameter model) × 5 u003d bearing nominal inner diameter (mm) 01- 8-(Inner diameter model)/16u003dThe nominal inner diameter of the bearing (inch) (at this time, 8/16u003d1/2 inchu003d12.7mm). Please refer to the attached table 2 at the end of the volume for the bearings of the inch series of bore diameter. Matching symbol Matching symbol content J The tolerance zone of the ball bearing housing diameter of the bearing housing is J7 (the ball housing diameter exceeding 120mm is not indicated). Bearing special symbol items Bearing special symbol content No indication for grease (standard) Alvania No2, GOLD No.3 or equivalent D1 SH44MD2 SH33MD9 DEMNUM L-200 (fluorine grease) stop screw No indication (standard) Double point G4 tip G6 with pin on top G7 with anti-loose nylon oil seal without indication (standard) Nitrile rubber K2 silicone rubber K3 non-contact sealing device without indication (standard) with oil seal, with oil sling (UC, UK, NA, ER, RB) Type bearing), with oil seal (SB, SU type bearing) P3 without oil seal, slinger P4 without oil seal, other S5 blower use (oil seal: K3, internal clearance and bearing accuracy are specially managed) S6 stainless steel bearing Table 10.6 Accessory code Contents of accessory symbol C 1) Dust cover, through type D 1) Dust cover, sealed FC cast iron cover, through type FD cast iron cover, sealed L3 triple seal product. Table 10.8 Bearing box special mark items Bearing box special mark content The threaded hole diameter of the grease nozzle is not indicated (standard) Same as the one listed in the dimension table A1 PT1/8 pipe thread A2 PF1/8 pipe thread A3 PT1/4 pipe thread A4 PF1/ 4 There is no indication for the position of the threaded hole of the grease nozzle for pipe thread (standard) and the same as those listed in the dimension table. B1 Right side B2 Left side B3 45°B5 3B7 No indication for left and right side machining (standard) Common product E1 Steel plate or cast iron cover mounting groove E3E4 No oil-feeding material, no indication (standard), made of gray cast iron (FC200) or cold-rolled steel plate, steel strip (SPCC). Purification Series Zinc Alloy Die Casting H1 Stainless Steel Casting (SCS13) H5 Rolled Steel for General Structure (SS400) SC Carbon Steel Casting (SC450) Grease Nozzle No Display (Standard) Type A N1 Type B (67.5° ) N2 Type C (9) The nominal inner diameter of the bearing is 15 mm. The nominal inner diameter of the bearing is 10 mm.
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