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The mid-to-high-end machine tool bearing market is expanding

by:JNSN     2021-11-07
'In the past two months, what has made us happy is the increase in orders for supporting bearings for mid-to-high-end CNC machine tools, which shows that our bearing manufacturing level and technical strength are continuously increasing.' Assistant Director of the Precision Bearing Branch of the Industrial Equipment Bearing Division Gao Zhenbo said.

Being able to provide more support for leading enterprises in the domestic machine tool industry has always been one of the efforts of the precision bearing branch. This type of mid-to-high-end bearings has extremely demanding technical requirements. With the steady improvement of the product quality of the branch and the strengthening of various management, customer satisfaction with the products is also improving. Since the beginning of this year, especially in the four and five months, customer demand for medium and high-end machine tool bearings has increased dramatically, with the number reaching hundreds of sets, and the variety is also increasing.

Most of the bearings for medium and high-end machine tools are light and thin series tapered bearings, which require extremely high accuracy, especially rotation accuracy. Every month, the branch factory conducts process reviews for such key products, formulates strict process specifications, optimizes heat treatment processes, strengthens process control, and guarantees the production of key products. The branch factory focuses on the process control between the production processes, including ellipse, angle, etc., strictly require the operator to process according to the process, and solve the problem together to find the key to the problem.

Shi Yiyue, a channel engineer who focuses on tapered bearing technology, is paying attention to the processing of this type of product: 'Whether it is in the process or the assembly room, the product size difference of 1μ will not work. The customer will know it as soon as the machine is installed.' As a senior engineer who has worked in technical systems for more than 30 years, Shi Yiyue is extremely serious about product quality control, and the production rate has reached more than 95%. After strict load testing, batches of medium and high-end machine tool bearings are being delivered one after another.

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