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The most common way to replace bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-16

  Bearings are widely used and demanding accessory parts and basic parts in the machinery industry, which are called mechanical joints. The bearing has a simple structure and complex interior. Its research and development not only requires consideration of materials, manufacturing processes and application conditions, but also involves large-scale calculations and analysis. The current bearing industry mostly uses traditional 2DCAD design methods, Excel-based calculations and pure 3D tool structural design and analysis, and uses simple bearing design systems for research and development. Therefore, the domestic bearing industry generally has low Ru0026D and innovation capabilities and product reliability. And the longevity cannot meet the current technical requirements and other issues, and at the same time, the production capacity is low, and the enterprise production cannot achieve the scale effect. The processing of imported bearing rings The processing of the inner and outer rings of imported bearings varies according to the raw material or blank form. Among them, the procedures before turning can be divided into the following three types. The entire processing process is: Bar stock Or tube material (some bars need to be forged, annealed, and normalized)-turning-heat treatment-grinding-lapping or polishing-final inspection of parts- ---Anti-rust----Warehousing----(To be fitted with the set)    There are two most common ways to replace the bearing: one is to directly heat the bearing with acetylene oxygen; the other is to Small bearings are heated by oil immersion to achieve thermal expansion, and the inner diameter of the bearing is enlarged for assembly. These methods have been widely used in long-term equipment maintenance, and basically satisfy and solve the bearing assembly problem in equipment maintenance.   With the improvement of equipment and technology, the import substitution of domestic enterprises such as Wazhuan and Tianma has begun to expand from the field of yaw and variable pitch bearings to spindle bearings and gearbox bearings. [China Bearing Network]

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