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The new version of 'FYH Rolling Bearing with Blocks' sample release speech

by:JNSN     2022-03-14
On the occasion of the release of FYH's new version of 'Rolling Bearings with BlocksSince the company took the lead in producing rolling bearings with housing in Japan in 1950, it has gradually grown into a professional manufacturer of rolling bearings with housing that supports the development of the world's industries. In recent years, the industry has put forward higher and higher requirements for various types of machinery and devices. Correspondingly, the company has successively invested in the production of small and lightweight components (purification series), stainless steel series, ceramic series and other products. , has been well received by all parties. Among them, the ceramic ball bearing series, known as a new generation of bearings, is a product developed based on the company's unique idea of u200bu200bcombining two different materials, ceramic and metal. It can be widely used in the leading role in Japan in the 21st century. IT industry, biochemical industry, aerospace, marine development and other fields. This is partially covered in the Special Environment Ceramic Ball Bearings section of this issue. We believe that this new product will play a role in areas where traditional mounted rolling bearings cannot. We will continue to look to the ever-changing future, create new value and meet all your requirements. I sincerely look forward to your continued patronage of FYH products in the future. Technical Explanation 1 Structure and Features 1.1 Structure  …  … 1.2 Features  …  …  … 2 Forms 2.1 Form List  … ...... 2.2 Forms and features 2.3 Special purpose components 3 Component selection 3.1 Selection overview 3.2 Form and specification selection 3.3 Selection from a maintenance perspective 4 Bearing life 4.1 Basic rating life and basic load rating 4.2 Calculation of rating life 4.3 Grease life 5 Bearing load 5.1 Load acting on bearing 5.2 Distribution of bearing load 5.3 Equivalent dynamic load 5.4 Basic static load rating and equivalent static load 5.5 Application calculation example 6 Allowable speed 6.1 Allowable speed 6.2 Matching different situations 7. Operating temperature and bearing specification 7.1 Operating temperature range 7.2 Operating temperature and bearing internal clearance 8. Strength of bearing housing 8.1 Strength of cast iron bearing housing 8.2 Strength of cast steel bearing housing General 9 Shaft and Base Design 9.1 Shaft Design 9.2 Base Design 9.3 Machining of Pin Holes for Fixing Bearing Housing 10 Designation 11 Accuracy and Internal Clearance 11.1 Bearing Accuracy 11.2 Bearing Housing Accuracy 11.3 Bearing Internal Clearance 12 Material 12.1 Bearing material 12.2 Bearing housing material 12.3 Parts and accessories material 13 Performance 13.1 Bearing friction torque 13.2 Bearing temperature rise 13.3 Dust and water resistance 14 Use 14.1 Installation 14.2 Test run inspection 14.3 Maintenance (regular inspection) 14.4 Replenishment of grease 14.5 Replacement of bearings. 15 Dimensions of ball bearings for rolling bearings with houses and assemblies (catalogue) House bearing purification series with vertical seat bearing Stainless steel series with vertical seat bearing Steel plate with vertical seat bearing 2 With square seat bearing with square seat bearing with boss Square seat bearing Model number 16.2 Model numbers of cast iron covers 16.3 Model numbers and dimensions of grease nozzles and reducing sleeve joints 16.4 Model numbers and dimensions of hexagon socket wrench Model No. 3 Tightening torque of bearing housing and cast iron cover mounting bolts 4 Tightening torque of inner ring and eccentric retaining ring set screws 5 Tightening torque of lock nut (reference) 6 Machining dimension of bearing housing positioning pin hole 7 Dimensional tolerance of shaft 8 Dimensional tolerance of housing hole 9 Standard tolerance value 10 SI unit conversion table 11 inch-mm conversion table 12 Hardness conversion table 13 Viscosity conversion table 14 Mechanical properties of metal materials (reference) 15 Hexagon socket head cap bolts (JIS B 1176 Excerpt) 18 Schedule (Catalogue) 3 Bearing with diamond seat with diamond seat bearing with deformed diamond seat Bearing type with diamond seat Bearing 5 With steel plate bearing with steel round seat bearing with steel plate rhombus seat bearing 6 With slider seat bearing Block housing bearing with steel plate frame 7 Other units with ring housing bearing with bracket housing 8 Ball bearing for unit 9 Fastener for bearing 16 Hexagon bolt (extract from JIS B 1180) 17 Hexagon nut (extract from JIS B 1181) 18 Nominal model comparison table of each company (cylindrical hole shape).
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