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The robot reducer industry drives a new trend in the cross-roller bearing market

by:JNSN     2021-11-02

In recent years, my country’s industrial automation and industrial robot industries have developed rapidly, especially in the automotive, machine tool equipment, measurement and control, optoelectronics, electronics, medical and other industries. The development of the sub-bearing industry provides a larger market space. Luoyang bearing industry utilizes its own Ru0026D advantages to continuously innovate in science and technology, research and develop new product performance, improve product production efficiency, and occupy a favorable industry position based on products in the context of market internationalization opportunities.

However, at present, most of the domestic reducers are low-end products. High-end reducers such as harmonic reducers, RV reducers and robot reducers currently mainly rely on imported brands, especially Robots and aerospace fields, which have emerged in recent years, are pursuing the limit of light weight. Liquid crystal and semiconductor manufacturing equipment are all pursuing the limit of ultra-thin due to the height of the system production line. The high-end reducers used in these industries also tend to be high-precision, small-sized, combined and comprehensive in functions, and higher and more professional requirements are put forward for these high-end reducers.

Take advantage of the rapid development of domestic industrial automation, Baina Bearings has spotted the blank in the field of domestic harmonic reducer bearings. Relying on its own strong technical development and production capabilities, it has been in the precision cross roller bearing industry for many years. Efforts have been made to develop a series of cross-roller bearing products and form a complete set of cross-roller bearing product systems with its own characteristics, which can completely replace similar foreign bearing products and meet the needs of users at home and abroad.

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