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The structure and characteristics of deep groove ball bearings

by:JNSN     2021-12-21
The single row deep groove ball bearing has the structure shown in the figure below. The representative drawing of deep groove ball bearing is shown in Figure 1. Dust cover ball bearings and sealed ring ball bearings are packed with an appropriate amount of high-quality grease. Compare the characteristics of sealed ball bearings, as shown in Table 1. Compared with ordinary bearings, HPS deep groove ball bearings have the characteristics of high load capacity and high speed. Structured dust cover type non-contact rubber seal ring type rubber seal (ZZ type) (VV type) (DDU type) is small because it is a contact seal, so it is larger than ZZ type and VV type, and the limit of contact sealing is good. The ZZ type is slightly better than the VV type. (It can also be used under dusty environmental conditions) better than ZZ type (it can also be used under somewhat dusty conditions) good discomfort and discomfort (can also be used under splashing conditions) friction torque grease sealing performance high speed dust resistance waterproof Operating temperature range (1) Note (1) The values u200bu200bin the above table are the standard ranges. The temperature range can be expanded according to the material of the grease for cold and heat resistance and the rubber for sealing. If you have any requirements, please contact. Deep groove ball bearings generally use stamped cages, and large-size bearings use copper alloy car-made cages. (Refer to Table 2, Figure 2) When used for high-speed rotation, a car-made cage is also used. Table 1 Features of Sealed Ball Bearings Open type contact rubber seal ring type (DDU type) with stop ring Non-contact rubber seal ring type (VV type) structure, type and characteristics Full ball bearing Dimensional accuracy, Rotational accuracy Full ball bearing, Due to the design of the ball filling ports on the inner ring and the outer ring, more balls can be loaded than deep groove ball bearings. Because it has a filling port, it is not suitable for applications with large axial loads. BL2 and BL3 bearings have the same main dimensions as the 62 and 63 single row deep groove ball bearings. In addition to the open type, there is also a steel dust cover ZZ type. In addition, when using a bearing, try to use the ball fillet position of the outer ring as a non-loaded ring as much as possible. The cage is a stamped cage. The inner ring groove of the magneto ball bearing is slightly shallower than that of the deep groove ball bearing. One side of the outer ring is a tapered hole, and the outer ring can be separated so that the bearing is easy to install. The standard is a stamped cage, but synthetic resin cut cages are also used for high-speed rotation. Precautions for the use of deep groove ball bearings For deep groove ball bearings, if the bearing load is too small during operation, it will cause slippage between the ball and the raceway and become the cause of scratches. Especially large deep groove ball bearings with heavy balls and cages have this tendency. It is expected that the load will be too small during use. Please contact us when selecting bearings.
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