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The structure and features of other components of the bearing

by:JNSN     2021-12-15
Bearing with ring seat, bearing with bracket, bearing UKC UCHA cylindrical bore (with stop screw), using bearing UK2 (X, 3) series UCC2 (X, 3) ordinary product, L3 triple seal ring product with tapered bore (with accessories) bearing UK2 (X, 3) Series UKC2 (X, 3) common product, L3 triple seal product assembly with a ball bearing and a cylindrical outer diameter surface of the bearing box combined with a bearing assembly. The cylindrical shape of the bearing box is processed with h7 precision, so it can be used in the cylindrical hole on the main body of the machine. Bearings with ring seats can move axially, so they are widely used as free-end bearings in applications that require shaft expansion and contraction. In addition, the outer diameter surface is cylindrical, with self-aligning function, so it can be used like a general self-aligning bearing. Cylindrical bore (with stop screw) Bearings UC2 series UCHA2 ordinary products, L3 triple seal ring product assembly ball bearings and a bearing box with a cylindrical thread on one side are combined with a seated bearing. The bearing box is designed to be miniaturized, and it is suspended and installed to the machine by steel pipe. Main application: middle bearing of screw conveyor, etc. Ceramic ball bearing series cylindrical bore (with stop screw) UC2 (X, 3) Y1 specification UC2 S6 Y2 specification ceramic ball bearing through the combination of ceramic balls (silicon nitride) and metal inner and outer ring two different materials, to achieve excellent Its wear resistance can maintain stable performance for a long time in harsh environments such as high temperature, corrosion, insulation, and low dust. By eliminating auxiliary equipment such as lubrication equipment and cooling equipment, the overall equipment can be miniaturized and labor-saving. At the same time, due to the greatly reduced maintenance costs such as bearing replacement and oil supply, the effective operation of production equipment is supported. *Suitable for non-lubricating high temperature environment: commonly used 450℃·maximum 550℃*Continuous operation without oil: 20,000 hours or more (temperature condition·actual 250℃) *Suitable for high-speed operation (grease lubrication type): dn value 600,000
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