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The upgrade of the bearing industry puts forward new requirements for equipment

by:JNSN     2021-10-25

On May 14-16, 2014, the China Bearing Industry Association held the 'National Seminar on the Development and Application of Special Bearing Equipment' in Luoyang. It was attended by major bearing manufacturers, bearing special equipment manufacturers, and design institutes in China. More than 200 representatives from the Tenth Institute) and universities attended the meeting. Wang Jianyu, Director of the Equipment Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attended the meeting and delivered an important speech.

   At the meeting, the China Bearing Industry Association put forward the 'Adjustment Opinions on the National Bearing Industry's 'Twelfth Five-Year' Development Plan' and 'Guiding Opinions on the Development of Bearing Special Equipment (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)' for representatives to discuss. The Tenth China Academy of Machinery, Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, Hunan University, etc. reported the development situation of the national bearing industry and the development trend of bearing equipment technology. The representative of China Machine Tool Industry Association introduced the development of the machine tool industry.

The representatives of the    conference believe that: vigorously promote the research and development and application of advanced bearing special equipment, solve the bottleneck problem of backward special equipment restricting the development of my country’s bearing industry, improve the technical quality of special equipment, and meet the needs of the development of high-end bearings. The top priority of the bearing industry upgrade.

  The special bearing equipment includes: forging and rolling equipment, heat treatment equipment, grinding and super finishing equipment, assembly and testing equipment. The research and development of special bearing equipment should face bearing products, bearing technology, and bearing assembly. The requirements for special equipment are: improving accuracy retention, improving performance stability and reliability, and developing automated on-line equipment. The current focus is to make breakthroughs in precision grinding and super finishing equipment. According to information, by 2015, the market capacity of China's bearing equipment is expected to reach 4 billion yuan.

   my country has formed a number of bearing special equipment manufacturing enterprises, such as: Wuxi Machine Tool Plant, Anyang Risheng CNC Bearing Equipment Company, Puyang Beiying CNC Machinery Equipment Company, Shanghai Speed u200bu200bBearing Technology Ru0026D Company, Anqing Machine tool factories, etc. At present, more than 3,000 bearing grinding and assembly lines in my country's bearing manufacturing industry mainly use domestically-made equipment. Experts believe that the research and development and manufacturing of high-end bearing special equipment required for industrial upgrading must be closely integrated with the manufacturing and assembly processes of bearing products to make a difference.

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