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The world bearing pattern will reshuffle its positioning

by:JNSN     2021-11-08
As the One Belt One Road policy has stimulated the pattern of world trade, the liberalization and interaction of imports and exports will also increase, and China’s manufacturing industry will also usher in a new spring and expectations. Recognizing a new China, a large number of foreign-funded enterprises and capital companies have entered the country to vigorously develop and rush for gold, driving the development and innovation of domestic production and manufacturing. We all know that the food of the machine is the bearing, so in recent years, with the industry Foreign bearing companies from various countries have come to the two bearing towns of Shandong and Jiangsu to help us develop together!

The people of the country should be self-reliant, and the country is also supporting and helping our own industrial chain. The legendary three domestic giants: Kazakhstan, Wa, and Luo did not lose the battle, and developed high-quality products and bearings suitable for domestic machinery needs, which put huge pressure on proud foreigners invisibly. In recent years, domestic bearings have, through continuous efforts and innovations, have their own set of standards, user groups and patents in material selection, forging, grinding, processing, etc. It is also a very good choice in the history of the world's bearings. The scope of use and original patents of domestic bearings in high-speed rail, aerospace, military, and manufacturing industries have also been recognized and commended.

German SFAG Bearings believes that the current bearing industry will usher in a new starting point. The country’s 2025 high-end intelligent manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing clearly point out that we will transform and upgrade from the manufacturing industry to an innovative and high-end manufacturing industry. The quality and technology of bearings are getting higher and higher. For the manufacturers of counterfeit and counterfeit products, you will be invisible. In the end, you will find that you not only cheat others, but also sell goods in fear, not only will you get a lawsuit but also Indemnity, the gain is not worth the loss. With more and more brands, the market will be open and transparent competition in the future. Price is only a reference data and cannot represent everything. Consumers will consider more factors as the market changes: quality, Price, after-sales, multi-floating, multi-judgmental mentality.

If we want to sell the bearings well, we must do it with our heart. After the after-sales service is connected, customers can talk comfortably, buy with confidence, and use with peace of mind. Even if the industry is changing, our original intention cannot be changed, and the market is cruel. The competition is ruthless, and there will always be people supporting you in the products created with ingenuity. The reshuffle positioning is just a term, and all bearing companies should be self-improving and self-disciplined.

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