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Tilting system and anti-side-rolling torsion rod bearing of railway traveling transmission device

by:JNSN     2021-12-19
Railway vehicles with tilting systems on existing roads can achieve higher operating speeds than traditional vehicles. This not only shortens travel time, but also increases people's interest in intercity travel. Bearings provide convincing bearing solutions for tilting mechanisms, drive units and anti-roll torsion bars. This solution not only increases the service life, but also extends the maintenance cycle. At the same time, years of experience in use have proven to be effective and reliable. The application shows that the working life of the bearing can reach millions of kilometers. The tilting motion of the main bolster bearing car body is realized by a bolster mounted on the bogie and connected with the car body. Support type roller unit The bearing support type roller unit is a complete assembly consisting of a shaft and two support type rollers. Two supporting rollers are used to support the bogie bolster, so as to realize the tilting movement of the car body. Cylindrical Roller Bearings Full complement cylindrical roller bearings with snap ring grooves are locating bearings that can bear radial load and bidirectional axial load. The bearing is positioned axially through the stop ring groove, and the lip seals at both ends of the bearing can effectively prevent the entry of contaminants and moisture. Usually two bearings are installed at both ends of the connecting rod to support the car body for tilting motion. Radial joint bearings ELGES maintenance-free radial joint bearings can withstand radial and axial loads, and have the ability to compensate for misalignment. Two joint bearings are press-fitted in the connecting rod to realize the tilting movement of the bolster. This kind of bearing has the advantages of anti-vibration and impact resistance, and is completely maintenance-free during use. Tilting drive system bearing In the active tilting system, the vehicle body is tilted and stabilized at a predetermined position through the actuator. Meet the requirements of linear motion through electric or hydraulic actuators. Among the electric actuators, planetary roller screws can effectively convert the rotary motion of the servo motor into high-quality dynamic linear motion. The combined use of needle roller/thrust cylindrical roller bearings can withstand very high axial and radial loads, realizing a reliable configuration. The precision lock nut realizes the axial positioning of the bearing. A compact needle bearing with an inner ring is used as a floating bearing. The torsion bar, anti-side-rolling bar and support bearing high-quality car body stability dynamic system is equipped with maintenance-free radial joint bearings with special airbag seals. These bearings have high service life and good reliability, can be used in unprotected and highly polluted environments, adapt to large swings and corners, and can withstand alternating loads. Bearing swing and rotation angle can reach ±2.
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